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Organization 101 for Miniaturists

If your mini-workshop has reached the point where you can’t find a thing, try some of these tips to unclutter your life. 

  • Try the “10 Minute Toss” - Each day set aside 10 minutes to unclutter a drawer, cupboard, shelf or area that needs attention.  Doing that daily keeps clutter under control.
  • "Corkboards Cause Clutter" - Instead, buy a mounting strip and hooks (like the kind for hanging kitchen utensils). Mount the strip above the desk in your home office (sounds professional, doesn’t it?) and hang BIG bull-nose clips from the hooks.  The strip holds a ton.  (Sunni tells me that her clips would be so full of papers and stuff that they would look like a rack of ballerina tutus.)
  • The plastic containers that come from the store containing organic salad greens make perfect containers for unfinished projects, supplies, etc., and they stack well on a shelf. Or, buy the Zip-lock or Glad-ware food savers. They are cheap enough to buy a lot of them, and clear enough that you can see what is inside. Stackable sweater boxes made by Rubbermaid are also clear and work well when you need more space.
  • Visit your local kitchen supply store to buy drawer inserts that can be cut to size to exactly fit your drawer. The inserts designed for spice bottles fit the standard sized acrylic paint bottles perfectly, while the cutlery organizers keep your various X-Acto knives, files, paint brushes, styluses, etc. organized neatly. If your drawer is deep enough, you can even get two layer inserts, with a sliding section on the top.