Birds of the Dominican Republic

by Eladio Fernandez

These images are the copyright of Eladio Fernandez, 1998, 1999, 2000.
Larger, high resolution versions of these thumbnails are available by request by
e-mailing Eladio. Also visit his website at for additional photos.

These photos were taken in the Dominican Republic. All these pictures were taken
using a 35 mm Canon AE2, a Canon 300mm f 4.0 IS lens, and in some instances
a Canon 1.4X telextender. Clicking on each photo will take you to the web page
of one of the other countries where this bird can also be found.

Green-tailed Ground Warbler - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Green-tailed Ground Warbler
Microligea palustris - endemic to Dominican Republic/Haiti. This picture was taken at Reserva de Ebano
Vervain Hummingbird - Eladio Fernandez
Vervain Hummingbird
Mellisuga minima is a Caribbean endemic and a common resident of the Dominican Republic. This is the second smallest bird in the
Flat-billed Vireo - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Flat-billed Vireo
Vireo nanus is another endemic. This Picture was taken in Parque del Este where they are
easy to see and hear. This is important since this bird was recently spotted at site which is not on the distribution map in Herbert Rafaelle' Birds of The West Indies. 
Broad-billed Tody - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Broad-billed Tody
Todus subulatus - this is an
endemic. This bird is courting a nearby female which explains his posture which shows his red throat and pink feathers (which are normally tucked under his wing). This picture was taken in Puerto Escondido.
Smooth-billed Ani - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Smooth-billed Ani
Crotophaga ani is a very common bird to see throughout the island.
Royal Tern - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Royal Tern
Sterna maxima is a common resident in Dominican waters.
This picture was taken in Cabo Rojo.
Red-legged Thrush - Photo copyright by Eladio Fernandez
Red-legged Thrush
The Thrush (Turdus Plumbeus) is very common
but secretive and this picture was taken next to the Valdesia Dam.
Eastern Chat Tanager - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Western Chat-Tanager
This endemic Chat Tanager (Calyptophilus tertius) is the eastern race (Cordillera Central) and forages through thick vegetation which makes him very hard to be seen. The Tanager picture was taken in Reserva de Ebano Verde where it hadn't been previously recorded.
White-winged Warbler - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
White-winged Warbler
This endangered endemic (Zenoligea montana) image was taken in Sierra de Bahoruco at 1,700 meters. The warbler usually forages in small bands through low shrubs looking for insects and fruits.
Le Selle Thrush - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Le Selle Thrush
This endangered endemic (Turdus swalesi) was taken in Sierra de Bahoruco at 1,700 meters. The thrush hangs out in broadleaf, pine, shrub mixed areas where he can be seen hopping around for invertebrates.
Antillean Nighthawk - Photo copyright Eladio Fernandez
Antillean Nighthawk
The Nighthawk (Chordeiles gundlachii) is quite common even in the city but  very rarely seen in the daylight.

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