Wild Flowers of North America

Flower names are given in the following order: proper English name,
colloquial name (if any), scientific name.

Day-flower Day-flower
Commelina erecta

About 8" high, wilts about noon. Ranges from Florida to Texas, and Arizona, north to southern Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and southeast New York. Photographed in Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

Tallo Lungwort Tall Lungwort -
Languid Ladies
Mertensia paniculata

About 1-3', found in damp open woods and shores. Flowers in June/July. Ranges from Alaska, across Canada and through the northwest states. Photographed in the Alberta Eastern Slopes.

Pasque Flower Pasque Flower - Prairie Crocus
Anemone patens

About 6-18", flowers in May/June. Found in NW North America and south through Utah to Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan. Photographed in Drumheller, Alberta.

Blue Lupine
Lupinus latifolius

Height 18-20". Flowers July/August in mountain meadows and on grassy slopes. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta.

Tall White Eriogonum Tall White Eriogonum
Eriogonum subalpinium

Height 8-14". Flowers June-August. Usually found in foothills on rocky slopes. Photographed in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, Alberta.

White Geranium White Geranium Geranium Richardsonii

Height 16-30". Flowers June-July in woodland glades.  The seed pod resembles a cranes' bill. Photographed in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, Alberta.

Western Globe Flower Western Globe Flower 
Trollius albiflorus

Height 6-12", flowers 1-1 1/2 inches across. Flowers May-June. Found in damp soil beside streams. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta.

Northern Bedstraw
Galium boreale

Many white 1/8" flowers, many in a terminal cluster. Grows 12-18" high. Flowers in July/August. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta.

Arctic Raspberry Arctic Raspberry
Rubuis arcticus

Height 6-18", trailing plant in bogs and woodland swamps. Flowers May-June. Photographed in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, Alberta.

Purple Loment Purple Loment or Purple Vetch
Hedysarum Mackenzii

Height 10-12". Grows in stony soil. Flowers June to August. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta.

Large Purple Fleabane Large Purple Fleabane
Erigeron salsuginosus

Height 10-12". Flowers July through September. Open woodlands and moist banks. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta/

Prickly Rose Prickly Rose
Rosa acicularus

Height 2-3 feet. Provincial flower of Alberta. Habitat includes slopes, woodland edges and borders, and stream banks. Flowering period is during the months of June-July. Can be photographed all over Alberta.

Large-headed Clover Large-headed Clover
Trifolium macrocephalum

Up to 1' in heigfht, blossoms are 1-2" across. Grows in wet meadows from B.C. and Idaho to northeast California and Nevada. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta

Marsh Marigold Marsh Marigold - Cowslip
Caltha Palustris

Low plants of wet soil. Ranges from Alaska to Labarador and south to South Carolina, Iowa and Nebraska. Photographed at Wagner Bog, Edmonton, Alberta

Seaside Goldenrod Seaside Goldenrod
Solidago sempervirens

Saline to fresh marshes, near coast, Ranges from Newfoundland to Florida and south-east Texas. Photographed at Anahuac NWR, Texas.

Common Buttercup Common Buttercup
Ranunculus acris

Common from Alaska to Newfoundland and through the north half of the US. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta.

Large Flowered False Dandelion Agoseris glauca

Flowers 1-2", 6-19" high. Flowers in June/July on grassy slopes. Photographed near Edmonton, Alberta

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