Nome Area Map

Nome Area Map
Although we didn't get to ALL of the spots noted on the map, I thought I should at least mention where the best birding spots are supposed to be. The red lines on the map show the boundaries of our travels. As you can see, we missed many of the "best" places, although we were very satisfied with our sightings and generally had a great time!
  1. Nome River Mouth - Good for gulls and shorebirds. Click here for details on the town itself.
  2. Cape Nome - Scan the sea for pelagic birds, eiders, loons and sea ducks.
  3. Safety Lagoon - Shorebird hotspot.
  4. Safety Lagoon Mouth - Excellent for loons, seaducks, gulls and terns.
  5. Spruce Woods - only trees on the entire road system. Check for Spruce Grouse and Pine Grosbeaks.
  6. Rocky Crags - look for nesting Gyrfalcons and other raptors.
  7. Salmon Lake - good for loons.
  8. Rocky Terrain - good for Northern Wheatears.
  9. Kougarok River Drainage - home to Bristle-thighed Curlew and Bluethroat.
  10. Anvil Mountain - Upland tundra for Pacific Golden-Plovers, Northern Wheatears and Red-throated Pipits.
  11. Upland Tundra -  more good habitat for plovers and wheatears.
  12. Wooly Lagoon - good for waterbirds.
  13. Teller - good for White Wagtails.