Stewardship and Partnership

at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area

Since the birth of the Wildlife Area in 1968, we have replaced cycles of flood and drought with lush marshes teeming with life. The complex of dykes, channels and ponds, must be maintained and operated or these precious marshes will be lost.

Partnerships are essential. Partners who appreciate the importance of wetlands to our planet's health and want to be recognized as stewards. Partners who take pride in preserving this unique environment for our children and our children's children.

The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is a registered charity, supported by operating revenues and individual and corporate donations, dedicated to managing the 17,000 acre wetland for waterfowl habitat, research, education and visitors. The area receives extensive recreational use, including wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, photography and hiking. Powered vessels are prohibited.

The area is jointly managed by the Government of British Columbia (British Columbia Department of Environment, Parks and Wildlife) and the Government of Canada. The three person Board of Directors includes repressentatives from the two levels of government and an additional public member.

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