Cone Creek Marsh Unit Trail Map

Cone Creek Marsh Trail Map

The Marsh Trail (3.2 km.) combines the habitats of riparian forest with marsh and wetland areas. Head south-east from the Wildlife Centre on the board walk and and turn left onto the trail just past the lookout tower. Just before you reach the treeline, there is a bird blind on your left - perfect for photographing that elusive bird, or just watching the marsh denizens at close hand.  After turning left at the treeline, the trail gives you the opportunity to see a variety of forest species, including, if you are lucky, a chance to spot a Great Horned Owl snoozing away the day.  The trail circles back to the road to the north of the Wildlife Centre, allowing you to finish your journey along the road beside the marsh. Plan on about an hour for this circuit.

The BirdWatcher's Trail (5.8 km.) starts out the same way as the Marsh Trail but you turn right at the treeline and follow the path to connect to a dyke farther south which will take you to the road. Or you can continue straight ahead, without turning onto the dyke, on The Whitetail Deer Trail (an additional 6.65 km.). Once either trail reaches the road, turn right and walk back along the road to the intersection with the Corn Creek Channel trail and the Lone Pine hill trail. You can continue back via the road, or continue on one of the other trails. Since this trail is a little longer, you should plan for about 2 1/2 hours of walking and watching. This particular trail offers the opportunity to see some of the mammals that inhabit the Creston Valley as well as numerous waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors and perching birds.

The Campground Trail (3.8 km.) starts at the footbridge at the northeast corner of the Centre and continues north until you reach the campground at Summit Creek Park. The trail bisects a common elk bedding ground, so you may spot some of these lage ungulates. Be wary if it is rutting season - those horns aren't just for show! From the campground, you can continue along the historic Dewdney trail, a remnant of the trail system built by the gold miners at the turn of the century.

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