Things to Do at the Creston Valley Wildlife Centre


Get some Exercise!

The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area has over 30 kilometres of dykes and trails (see maps) for hiking. This extensive trail system enhances your opportunity to see not only the abundant birdlife, but the other mammals that live the Creston Valley. Both canoes and mountain bikes are avilable for rent from the Creston Wildlife Centre at very reasonable rates ($5.00 per hour for canoes, $10.00 per hour for mountain bikes). There are picnic facilities available near the Wildlife Centre parking lot, at the campground, or on the covered deck overlooking the marsh (shared with nesting cliff and barn swallows). 

Take a Guided Tour

Naturalists from the Creston Valley Wildlife Management
Area are available for both walking and canoe tours. 
Staff are also available at the Wildlife Centre to
answer questions, provide advice, identify birds or just 
generally chat about the WMA programs and activities.
Friendly Staff and Volunteers 

Take a Detective Drive

 In addition to the many hiking trails, there is also an extensive 
road system. The naturalists at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management 
Area have developed a "Detective Drive" to occupy 
your children while you watch birds along the roads. Pick up a 
copy of the road map and the driving instructions and guide at 
the main desk at the Wildlife Centre.

Add to your Knowledge

The displays, videos, library and hands-on 
learning opportunities will help you to 
understand more about the denizens of the
valley, the importance and fragility of wetlands, and the management of the Creston Valley
Wildlife Management Area. The naturalists
also offer periodic lectures and workshops on
topics of interest to the friends of the Creston Valley WMA.

Shop till you Drop

The wetlands gift gallery offers something for every-one. Gifts and activities for children are particularly well-represented. Choices run the full gamut 
from serious science to general knowledge, from 
beautiful to downright silly! 
Make sure you pick up a collection of the 
free brochures, maps and pamphlets at the 
main desk at the Wildlife Centre about the 
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. 

Sign the Guestbook at the Wildlife Centre 

before you leave!

And bring your friends for a visit with you 

when you return!

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