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This website contains information on birding in 203 countries, 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, and all 50 US states plus Washington, D.C. 330 photographers and   organizations have provided permission to showcase their work on this site. The site contains images of  4,432 bird species. According to Xenu Link Checker, there are 9,136 links on this site. About 2,200 birders per day are visiting the site, accessing over 130,000 pages per month. 

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The links on this site go directly to information on specific birding hotspots around the world, local site guides, etc. Although these links can't replace knowing a fellow birder in the location you're going, they can certainly help!

These pages hold photos of bird specialities from each specific location. These photos are COPYRIGHTED. Please contact the photographers to use any of these photos. 

Things to Look For

       If you can't identify the bird, just pause your
          cursor on the photo for the species name. 
       For some birds, clicking on the photos will lead
          to additional information about that bird - 
          identification tips, endangered status, etc.

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A Typical Page Contains links to birding hotspots, a country checklist and maps,  information on endemic and endangered birds, links to rare bird information and local events and festivals, and information on tours/guides and accommodations. Information on print resources and climate will be added soon.

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These pages are under constant change, as new URLs are reported from around the world. This site is becoming mostly self-sustaining as traffic increases and more people become aware of the site. Opening my e-mail has become a real adventure! I never know what I will find - a photographer volunteering some new photos from a recent trip, a new site guide or trip report, corrections and improvements for the speciality bird information for a particular country, a new or changed URL, a suggestion for the addition of another category of information, or even a checklist forwarded for me to mount that does not exist anywhere else on the web. All contributions are very welcome. And a huge THANK YOU to all those who have contacted me with changes, additions and suggestions! Your constructive criticism, help and assistance is invaluable in making this site increasingly accurate and helpful to travelling birders. 

Pictures of the speciality birds of each country/state/province are being added as copyright approval is obtained. Clicking on a picture of a bird may provide additional information about that bird. The Sampler of the World's Birds has new birds being added frequently. Check back if you're looking for a specific bird!

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