Birding Factoids

101 species
in 32 families

16 of the 58 Caribbean speciality species are 
represented here. 
3 endangered species
2 endemics

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Check out Steve McCabe's Birds of Dominica site
as well as images of Dominican Birds on Stamps
Dominica Specialities

Sisserou (Imperial Parrot) - Dominica National Bird

Brown Trembler - Photo copyright Tina MacDonald

Photo copyright Tina MacDonald

    ....The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret - by Martin Birch. Little more 

      than a speck on the atlas and almost always confused with its larger cousin The Dominican Republic, The Commonwealth of Dominica is the Caribbean’s best kept secret. The island, enveloped in richly preserved rainforest, is the undisputed emerald in a necklace of island gems that stretch from Puerto Rico to the mainland of South America. 
    ....Flora and Fauna of Dominica - Dominica is home to two parrots
      found nowhere else, the Imperial (Amazona imperialis) and the Jaco/Jacquot parrot (Amazona arausiaca). The area of Syndicate in the Dominica's Northern Forest Reserve is perhaps the best known spot to see these two spectacular birds.
    ....Dominica - Fauna & Flora
    ....Morne Trois Pitons National Park - This 65-square-kilometer
      (25-square-mile) slice of nature is a primordial rain forest complete with famous Trafalgar Falls, reached by an easy 15-minute hike. See also this article on the establishment of the Park. 
    ....Cabrits National Park - Located on the northwestern coast of 
      Dominica - contact information.
    ....Trip Report: Dominica - 15 - 29 August 1990, by Ian Broadbent. This
      report is based on my notes from a trip to Dominica in 1990, so some of the information (and taxonomy!) may well be out of date by now (July 2002), but I hope that it serves as a taster of what can be expected. 
    ....Scenes from a Lesser Antilles Trip - 18-28 March 2000. A photo
      montage by Don Roberson. These shots are from a fine "Focus on Nature" tour of the Lesser Antillean islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Dominica (a trip led by Armas Hill), with a final day on Puerto Rico (a trip led by B. J. Rose and with a different set of participants). In the islands of the Lesser Antilles, we were successful in locating all island and regional endemics within a week. 
    ....Trip Report: Lesser Antilles - St. Lucia, Dominica and St. Vincent
      5 - 14 December 2000. By Barry Cooper and Gail Mackiernan. For birders who wish to see all the Caribbean endemics and specialties, a trip to the Lesser Antilles is a must. Some of the region’s most spectacular birds are found on these small islands, as well as some of the most undisturbed habitat.
    ....Trip Report: Lesser Antilles - 3-13 November 1999. By Frank Frazier. 
      Thought it might be of interest to give a brief report of the highlights of a trip I took with my N.J. friend Bill Weiss, to some principal islands of the Lesser Antilles in hopes of seeing their endemics and specialties - we visited Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent, ending up with one night and morning in Puerto Rico.
    ....Dominica Trip Reports - a number of Dominica trip reports are
      available from Blake Maybank's "Birding the Americas: Trip Report and Trip Planning Repository". 

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Conservation, Biodiversity

and Environment

    ....Protection of the Imperial and Red-necked Amazons in Morne Diablotin
      National Park, Dominica - Morne Diablotin is the Caribbean's newest National Park and was created to protect the endemic Imperial Amazon which occurs nowhere else on earth. Dominica has taken great steps toward saving this, its imperiled national symbol, and the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation (RSCF) has been working closely with forestry officials on the island. The project helped create the 8,400-acre national park which encompasses the only nesting area for the Imperial Amazon or Sisserou, as it is known locally. The new park may very well give the Sisserou a new lease on life: protecting habitat will ensure that the wild population has a home, and productive nests in the wild may offer researchers time to develop a captive-breeding program as an insurance policy against hurricane damage to wild habitats. The project continues to search for and monitor nests to discover whether the species is  reproducing effectively in the wild, and to discover how breeding success can be improved. These endemic amazon parrots and their forest habitat have been principal beneficiaries of  Loro Parque Fundación (LPF) funding for in-situ conservation efforts in Dominica. Working with Birdlife International, LPF support to the Forestry and Wildlife Division of the Government of Dominica resulted in land purchase for forest protection   and development of a national park infrastructure including boundary   definition, and the continued installation of trails and tourist and   educational facilities. For more information about how to support these endeavors, contact Yves de Soye/Loro Parque Fundación

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Tours and Guides

>>>>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Dominican Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!
    **..The West Indies on the Sea Cloud with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
      (VENT) - This special cruise offers a unique opportunity to visit this region, sailing some of the prettiest waters on earth aboard the magnificent 4-masted sailing ship, Sea Cloud, and taking numerous natural history excursions on shore with an emphasis on birding. Our ports of call will be St. Vincent, St. Lucia, and Dominica.  VENT offers nearly 140 tours to over 100 land-based destinations each year and is the largest tour company in the world specializing in birding and natural history.


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    **..Not available

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Caribbean Specialities in Dominica

Information derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.5.
Information on endangered birds is derived from the IUCN Red List, Birdlife International, and supporting
data bases developed by Ian Patton, of Merlin Species Watcher. An international checklist system
was required to enable world-wide country to country comparisons.These speciality birds may be uncommon,
or extremely rare at this location, or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of
each species noted below have been made in Dominica.

Dominica Endemics

___ Imperial Parrot (Sisserou) ___ Red-necked Parrot
Caribbean Endemic Specialities in Dominica

___ Antillean Crested
___ Hummingbird 
___ Antillean Wren 
___ Blue-headed Hummingbird 
___ Bridled Quail-Dove 
___ Brown Trembler
___ Forest Thrush 
___ Lesser Antillean Bullfinch 
___ Lesser Antillean Flycatcher 
___ Lesser Antillean Pewee 
___ Lesser Antillean Swift
___ Plumbeous Warbler 
___ Purple-throated Carib 
___ Red-legged Thrush 
___ Rufous-throated Solitaire 
___ Scaly-breasted Thrasher
___ Scaly-naped Pigeon

Endangered Birds in Dominica
(endemics are shown in bold italic)

Breeding Birds

Non-Breeding Birds

___ Black-capped Petrel
___ Imperial Parrot
___ Red-necked Parrot

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