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Checklist Unavailable

To this point, I have been unable to locate a web-published
checklist for the country you are interested in.
If you are aware of such a list on the Internet, please let me know.

But, don't despair...a commercial company,
Santa Barbara Software Products
produces listing software called BirdBase and BirdArea.
They can also produce checklists, with endemics labeled,
based on these programs for:

According to a recent message the company posted on uk.rec.birdwatching,
plus some information they provided directly to me:

We began our free checklist service, "advertising" it with notices to newsgroups and by several other means, about a year ago. Since then we have answered several thousand requests from birdwatchers and from a number of professionals such as ornithologists, wildlife managers, environmental monitors, and even from birdwatching tour organizers. Many of them reply by telling us how much they appreciate our service -- particularly those to whom we have sent a checklist for some part of the world for which a checklist is very difficult to obtain by any other means. 

The checklists are produced by our program BirdArea which employs bird range data gathered and analyzed in a multiyear project by Shawneen Finnegan, a professional birding tour leader and former member of the editorial staff of the ABA magazine "Birding."  The ever-growing list of references used by Ms. Finnegan now exceeds 700 books and other publications, in 10 languages.

Santa Barbara Software Products


If you make an e-mail request of them, they will produce one, and only one,
of their free checklists for you and send it to you as an e-mail attachment.
Please mention that you located their company
through this website (strictly for my curiosity).
The types of checklists that can be produced are described
in some detail on their homepage at:


The e-mail link for making a request of this company is
at the bottom of their homepage.

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