CALGARY HERALD                                                                         Friday, July 31, 1998

Water Valley developer ordered to stop work
Calgary Herald

    Alberta Environmental Protection has ordered a developer to stop work on his land near Water Valley and formally notify the public of his plans. 
    This comes after a department investigation into a road that Robin Stewart built without a provincial permit on his land about  60 kilometres northwest of Calgary. Neighbours complained the road reduced water flow and hurt water quality elsewhere in the environmentally sensitive valley. 
     Stewart said Thursday he has applied for a permit for the road he built across the marshy valley with logs he cleared from slopes on his land. 
    He said he has also been told to create a flow space for water by removing some

logs from the road. He said he will do this "there physically is no water on either side". 
    The department has also asked him to plug a ditch he built to drain water from muskeg elsewhere on his land. 
     Stewart said, from Rocky Mountain House, where he lives, that he has arranged to publish a public notice in two area newspapers. Neighbours have 30 days after the first published notice to submit their concerns to the department. 
    Last year, neighbours went to court to stop Stewart's land from being rezoned for a residential subdivision. They lost. 
    Stewart said he feels frustrated. "This could be a very long, drawn-out fight. I am not going to stop. I don't think they are going to stop putting up every road-block they can." 

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