Tips on Preparing Your Written Statement

Q: What can I say in my written statement to Alberta Environmental Protection about development in Winchell Coulee?

Dorothy Majewski, Department of Fisheries and Oceans at 501 University Crescent, Winnipeg, R3T 2N6 (ph:204-983-5045, fax 204-984-2402).

Shauna Mercer, Environment Canada, Regional Services at #200 4999 98th Ave, Edmonton T6B-2X3 (ph: 403-951-8860, fax: 403-495-4099).

Here is additional information to help you develop your statement: The above 4 points illustrate the need for a detailed environmental review of the area prior to the issuance of any environmental permits. To this point, all developments appear disjointed and poorly thought out. This has created enormous concern and animosity. Consequently, differences need to be resolved in practical fashion with all of the necessary study and patience required for a long-term comprehensive solution.
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