Birding Factoids

616 species
in 57 families

One national  endemic
21 speciality species
1 endangered species, the only endemic
2 week trip expectation -
300+ species

    (French Guiana)
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Guyane Specialities
Marail Guan - Photo copyright Jan Hein Ribot
Photo copyright Jan Hein Ribot

Hooded Siskin - Photo copyright Neotropical Journeys

Photo copyright Neotropical Journeys

Screaming Piha - Photo copyright Tim Carney

Photo copyright Tim Carney
    ....Destination French Guiana - this is the only site
      on the web that can be found that has any reference to birding in French Guiana. Check the "Off the Beaten Track" section.
    ....Recommended areas for birding include:
      • Cayenne - Situated on an island on the north coast, the small capital of Guyane is a good base from which to explore a few interesting birding sites. Check out the seawall, the old port and the airport road. The secondary forest and savannah around Montsinery and Tonnegrande are worth a look, as are the reservoir area near Le Rorota and Mount Mahury.
      • Ile du Grande Connetable - this small island, 40 km. from Cayenne, supports a good breeding seabird colony (May to August). This island, Guyane's only nature reserve, is a restricted area for tourists, although some tour operators may be persuaded to visit by persistent birders.
      • Sinnamary - This small town, some 100 km. west of Cayenne, is surrounded by savannah and lies near a large estuary which is an internationally important shorebird site.
      • Saint Elie - The road to St. Elie south of Sinnamary is lined with superb forest, where Sooty Barbthroat, Spotted Antpitta, and a number of rare cotingas, including the incredible Crimson Fruitcrow, occur.
      • Nourages - this remote inland site, some 100 km. south of Cayenne, is one of the best birding sites in Guyane. 
      • Saul - this remote gold-mining settlement, virtually in the middle of Guyane and accessible by air from Cayenne, is the gateway to some excellent forest. Although a number of species are uncommon owing to hunting, this is another site in Guyane full of cotingas.

    Factoids and birding site recommendations are from Where to Watch Birds in South America - by Nigel Wheatley.

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Tours and Guides

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Endemics and Specialities

in Guyane

Information on endemics and specialities is derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists and bird distribution lists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.05, supplemented by material found in Where to Watch Birds in South America - by Nigel Wheatley. South American speciality birds, while not endemic, are those that can only be found in three or less countries of South America. Information on endangered birds is derived from the IUCN Red List, Birdlife International, and supporting data bases developed by Ian Patton, of Merlin Species Watcher.  The endemic, endangered and speciality birds may be uncommon, extremely rare vagrants, may be extirpated in the country now or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species noted below have been made in Guyane. 

Endemics in Guyane
___ Cayenne Nightjar 
Endangered Birds in Guyane
(endemics are printed in bold italic)

Breeding Birds

Non-Breeding Birds

___ Cayenne Nightjar

Other Speciality Birds in Guyane
(from Where to Watch Birds in South America - by Nigel Wheatley.)

___ Black Curassow
___ Blood-coloured Woodpecker
___ Blue-backed Tanager
___ Capuchinbird
___ Crested Eagle
___ Crimson Fruit-Crow
___ Grey-winged Trumpeter
___ Guinean Cock-of-the Rock
___ Guinean Gnatcatcher
___ Guinean Red-Cotinga
___ Harpy Eagle
___ Rufous Crab-Hawk
___ Rufous-thighed Kite
___ Scarlet Ibis
___ Sharpbill
___ Sooty Barbthroat
___ Spotted Antpitta
___ Spotted Rail
___ Toco Toucan
___ White Bellbird
___ White-plumed Antbird

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