Trip Report: Kenya, July 29 - August 25, 1996

Gonçalo Elias, Portugal;


29 July 1996 - Dep. Lisbon on KLM to Amsterdam and then with overnight flight to Nairobi (abbrev. Nbi)

30 July - Arrival Nbi and accomodation at friend's (Colin Jackson) house. Some birdwatching in and around Nbi.

31 July - "Birdwalk" - this is a birdwatching session, organised by the National Museum of Kenya, that takes place every Wednesday and leaves at 8h45m from the Museum premises. The visit ends at lunch time and a different site, around Nbi, is visited every week. About 40 people take part. This one was to the Ngong Race Course.

1 August - Ringing in the Museum Garden with Ringing team from the museum. Ringing takes place here twice a week.

2 August - Morning: birdwatching around "The Carnivore" restaurant, close to Nbi National Park (abbrev. NNP). Afternoon: trip to IUCN forest area, about 30 km out of Nbi.

3 August - Ringing at IUCN forest and return to Nbi. Afternoon visit to Sewage Ponds near Dandore (northeast of Nbi)

4 August - Visit to NNP (whole day).

5 August - Trip to the coast: leave Nbi with bus to Mombasa and then northwards to Malindi. Overnight at Malindi.

6 August - Birdwatching in and around Malindi, including beach and visit to Snake Park. In the afternoon, with matatu to Arabuko Sokoke Forest where I met JL and David Ngala (a local bird expert).

7 August - Birdwatching in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

8 August - Birdwatching in Arabuko Sokoke Forest

9 August - No birdwatching today - visit to Watamu and then with matatu to Mombasa. Visit to Mombasa town. Travel with overnight train to Nbi.

10 August - Birdwatching around "The Carnivore" restaurant, close to Nbi.

11 August - Lake Naivasha

12 August - Lake Naivasha and Hell's Gate National Park

13 August - Thika plateau and forest

14 August - "Birdwalk" in Nbi surroundings

15 August - Trip with bus to lake Magadi (south)

16 August - Lake Magadi centre and south. Back to Nbi in the afternoon.

17 August - Sewage ponds (near Dandora, northeast of Nbi)

18 August - SAFARI - Trip with bus from Nbi around Mt Kenya to Samburu Game Reserve, where overnight at local camp site.

19 August - SAFARI - Gamedrive in the Samburu Game Reserve.

20 August - SAFARI - Trip from Samburu to Lake Baringo (Rift valley). Small boat trip round the lake and overnight at local camp site.

21 August - SAFARI - Morning: Lake Bogoria. Afternoon: Lake Nakuru.

22 August - SAFARI - Journey back to Nbi.

23 August - Visit to NNP

24 August - Dep. Nbi on KLM overnight flight to Amsterdam

25 August - Arr. Amsterdam in the morning and Dep. with morning flight to Lisbon, where arr. 14h00m. End of story.

Global List of Birds Seen in Kenya (Jul./Aug. 1996)

(sequence follows Ber van Perlo's "Birds of Eastern Africa")

Ostrich                       Struthio camelus
Little Grebe                  Tachybaptus ruficollis
Great Cormorant               Phalacrocorax carbo
Long-tailed Cormorant         P. africanus
Great White Pelican           Pelecanus onocrotalus
Pink-backed Pelican           P. rufescens
Western Reef Egret            Egretta gularis
Little Egret                  E. garzetta
Great White Egret             E. alba
Yellow-billed Egret           E. intermedia
Cattle Egret                  Bubulcus ibis
Squacco Heron                 Ardeola ralloides
Grey Heron                    Ardea cinerea
Black-headed Heron            A. melanocephala
Woolly-necked Stork           Ciconia episcopus
Hamerkop                      Scopus umbretta
Marabou                       Leptopilus crumeniferus
Yellow-billed Stork           Mycteria ibis
Saddle-billed Stork           Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
Hadada                        Bostrychisa hagedash
Sacred Ibis                   Threskiornis aethiopica
Glossy Ibis                   Plegadis falcinellus
Lesser Flamingo               Phoenicopterus minor
African Spoonbill             Platalea alba
Fulvous Whistling-duck        Dendrocygna bicolor
White-faced Whistling-duck    D. viduata
Egyptian Goose                Alopochen aegyptiacus
Spur-winged Goose             Plectropterus gambensis
White-backed Duck             Thalassornis leuconotus
Southern Pochard              Netta erythrophthalma
Cape Teal                     Anas capensis
Yellow-billed Duck            A. undulata
African Black Duck            A. sparsa
Red-billed Teal               A. erythrorhynchos
Secretary Bird                Sagittarius serpentarius
Black-shouldered Kite         Elanus caeruleus
Black Kite                    Milvus migrans
African Fish-eagle            Haliaaetus vocifer
African Harrier-Hawk          Polyboroides typus
Bateleur                      Terathopius ecaudatus
Short.toed Snake-eagle        Circaetus pectoralis
African White-backed Vulture  Gyps africanus
Rueppel's Griffon             G. rueppellii
African Marsh Harrier         Circus ranivorus
Gabar Goshawk                 Micronisus gabar
Eastern Chanting Goshawk      Melierax canorus
African Goshawk               Accipiter tachiro
African Little Sparrowhawk    A. minullus
Lizard Buzzard                Kaupifalco monogrammicus
Augur Buzzard                 Buteo rufofuscus
Tawny / Steppe Eagle          Aquila rapax
Verreaux's Eagle              A. verreauxi
Long-crested Eagle            Lophaetus occipitalis
Lanner                        Falco biarmicus
Hildebrandt's Francolin       Francolinus hildebrandti
Yellow-necked Spurfowl        Francolinus leucoscepus
Vulturine Guineafowl          Acryllium vulturinum
Crested Guineafowl            Guttera pucherani
Helmeted Guineafowl           Numida meleagris
Black Crake                   Amaurornis flavirostris
Red-knobbed Coot              Fulica cristata
Grey-crowned Crane            Balearica regulorum
White-bellied Bustard         Eupodotis senegalensis
Common Stilt                  Himantopus himantopus
Eurasian Avocet               Recurvisrostra avosetta
Madagascar Pratincole         Glareola ocularis
Kittlitz's Plover             Charadrius pecuarius
Three-banded Plover           C. tricollaris
Chestnut-banded Plover        C. pallidus
Greater Sand Plover           C. leschenaultii
Grey Plover                   Pluvialis squatarola
Blacksmith Lapwing            Vanellus armatus
Spur-winged Lapwing           V. spinosus
Crowned Lapwing               V. coronatus
Long-toed Lapwing             V. crassirostris
Little Stint                  Calidris minuta
Ruff                          Philomachus pugnax
Bar-tailed Godwit             Limosa lapponica
Eurasian Curlew               Numenius arquata
Whimbrel                      N. phaeopus
Marsh Sandpiper               Tringa stagnatilis
Greenshank                    T. nebularia
Wood Sandpiper                T. glareola
Terek Sandpiper               Xenus cinereus
Common Sandpiper              Actitis hypoleucos
Sooty Gull                    Larus hemprichii
Grey-headed Gull              L. cirrocephalus
Lesser Black-backed Gull      L. fuscus
White-winged Black Tern       Chlidonias leucopterus
Swift Tern                    Sterna bergii
Lesser Crested Tern           S. bengalensis
Gull-billed Tern              Gelochelidon nilotica
Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon   Columba delegorguei
Speckled Pigeon               C. guinea
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse   Pterocles exustus
African Green Pigeon          Treron calva
Namaqua Dove                  Oena capesis
Tambourine Dove               Turtur tympanistria
Emerald-spotted Wood Dove     Turtur chalcospilos
Red-eyed Dove                 Streptopelia semitorquata
African Mourning Dove         S. decipiens
Ring-necked Dove              S. capicola
Laughing Dove                 S. senegalensis
Fischer's Lovebird            Agopornis fischeri x personata (crossed)
White-bellied Go-away Bird    Corythaixoides leucogaster
African Cuckoo                Cuculus gularis
Red-chested Cuckoo            C. solitarius
Klaas's Cuckoo                Chrysococcyx klaas
Diederik Cuckoo               C. caprius
Sokoke Scops Owl              Otus ireneae
Pearl-spotted Owlet           Glaucidium perlatum
African Wood-Owl              Strix woodfordii
Verreaux's Eagle Owl          Bubo lacteus
Boehm's Spinetail             Neafrapus boehmi
African Palm Swift            Cypsiurus parvus
Mottled Swift                 Tachymarptis aequatorialis
Nyanza Swift                  Apus niansae
White-rumped Swift            A. caffer
Horus Swift                   A. horus
Little Swift                  A. affinis
Blue-naped Mousebird          Urocolius macrourus
Speckled Mousebird            Colius striatus
Grey-headed Kingfisher        Halcyon leucocephala
Striped Kingfisher            H. chelicuti
Malachite Kingfisher          Corythornis cristata
Pied Kingfisher               Ceryle rudis
Giant Kingfisher              Megaceryle maxima
Narina's Trogon               Apaloderma narina
Little Bee-eater              Merops pusillus
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater    Merops oreobates
Carmine Bee-eater             Merops nubicus
White-fronted Bee-eater       Merops bullockoides
Rufous-crowned Roller         Coracias naevia
Lilac-breasted Roller         C. caudata
Green Wood-hoopoe             Phoeniculus purpureus
Abyssinian Scimitarbill       P. minor
Scimitarbill                  P. cyanomelas
Hoopoe                        Upupa epops
Sivery-cheeked Hornbill       Ceratogymna brevis
Crowned Hornbill              Tockus alboterminatus
African Grey Hornbill         T. nasutus
Von der Decken's Hornbill     T. deckeni
Red-billed Hornbill           T. erythrorhynchus
Eastern Green Tinkerbird      Pogoniulus simplex
Red-fronted Tinkerbird        P. pusillus
Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird      P. bilineatus
Green Barbet                  Stactolaema olivacea
Spot-flanked Barbet           Tricholaema lacrimosa
Black-throated Barbet         T. melanocephala
White-headed Barbet           Lybius leucocephalus
Greater Honeyguide            Indicator indicator
Nubian Woodpecker             Campethera nubica
Green-backed Woodpecker       C. cailliautii
Cardinal Woodpecker           Dendropicos fuscescens
Bearded Woodpecker            D. namaquus
Grey Woodpecker               D. goertae
Ficher's Sparrowlark          Eremopterix leucopareia
Rufous-naped Lark             Mirafra africana
Barn Swallow                  Hirundo rustica
Wire-tailed Swallow           H. smithii
Red-rumped Swallow            H. daurica
Lesser Striped Swallow        H. abyssinica
Banded Martin                 Riparia cincta
Brown-thorated Sand Martin    R. paludicola
Rock Martin                   Hirundo fuligula
Grey-rumped Swallow           Pseudhirundo griseopyga
Black Saw-wing                Psalidoprocne pristoptera
Richard's Pipit               Anthus novaeseelandiae    (now apparently
                                           separated to Grassland Pipit)
Plain-backed Pipit            A. leucophrys
Sokoke Pipit                  A. sokokensis
Yellow-thorated Long-claw     Macronyx croceus
Sharpe's Long-claw            M. sharpei
African Pied Wagtail          Motacilla aguimp
Mountain Wagtail              M. clara
Black Cuckooshrike            Campephaga flava
Yellow-whiskered Greenbul     Andropadus latirostris
Sombre Greenbul               A. importunus
Common Bulbul                 Pycnonotus barbatus
Capped Wheatear               Oenanthe pileata
Mourning Wheatear             O. lugens
Spotted  Morning-thrush       Cichladusa guttata
Mocking Cliff Chat            Myrmecocichla cinnamomeiventris
Northern Anteater Chat        M. aethiops
Eastern Bearded Scrub-robin   Cercotrichas quadrivirgata
White-browed Scrub-robin      C. leucophrys
East-coast Akalat             Sheppardia gunningi
White-starred Robin           Pogonocichla stellata
Red-tailed Ant Thrush         Neocossyphus rufus
Olive Thrush                  Turdus olivaceus
Common Robin Chat             Cossypha caffra
Red-capped Robin Chat         C. natalensis
Rueppell's Robin Chat         C. semirufa
Heuglin's Robin Chat          C. heuglini
Moustached Warbler            Melocichla mentalis
Brown Warbler                 Phylloscopus umbrovirens
Pectoral-patch Cisticola      Cisticola brunnescens
Stout Cisticola               C. robusta
Rattling Cisticola            C. chiniana
Singing Cisticola             C. cantans
Winding Cisticola             C. galactotes
Tawny-flanked Prinia          Prinia subflava
Yellow-breasted Apalis        Apalis flavida
Black-collared Apalis         A. pulchra
Grey Apalis                   A. cinerea
Black-headed Apalis           A. melanocephala
Grey-capped Warbler           Hypergerus lepidus
Common Camaroptera            Camaroptera brachyura
White-browed Sylvietta        Sylvietta leucophrys
Red-faced Sylvietta           S. whytii
Yellow-bellied Eremomela      Eremomela icteropygialis
African Dusky Flycatcher      Muscicapa adusta
Ashy Flycatcher               M. caerulescens
Southern Black Flycatcher     Melaenornis pammelaina
White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher   M. fischeri
Forest Batis                  Batis mixta
Chin-spot Batis               B. molitor
African Paradise Monarch      Terpsiphone viridis
Yellow Monarch                Erythrocercus holochlorus
Blue-mantled Crested-Monarch  Terpsiphone cyanomelas
Rufous chatterer              Turdoides rubiginosus
Black-lored Babbler           T. melanops
Pied Babbler                  T. hypoleucos
Arrow-marked Babbler          T. jardinei
Red-throated Tit              Parus fringillinus
White-bellied Black Tit       P. albiventris
Abyssinian White-eye          Zosterops abyssinica
Yellow White-eye              Z. senegalensis
Montane White-eye             Z. poliogaster
Variable Sunbird              Nectarinia venusta
Little Purple-banded Sunbird  N. bifasciata
Collared Sunbird              Anthreptes collaris
Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird A. orientalis
Plain-backed Sunbird          A. reichenowi
Amani Sunbird                 A. pallidigaster
Northern Double-collared Sunbird   Nectarinia preussi
Smaller Black-bellied Sunbird      N. nectarinioides
Olive Sunbird                 N. olivacea
Bronze Sunbird                N. kilimensis
Golden-winged Sunbird         N. reichenowi
Amethyst Sunbird              N. amethystina
Montane Oriole                Oriolus percivali
African Black-headed Oriole   O. larvatus
African Golden Oriole         O. auratus
Brubru                        Nilaus afer
Black-backed Puffback         Dryoscopus cubla
Sulphur-breasted Bush-shrike  Malaconotus sulfureopectus
Four-coloured Bush-shrike     M. quadricolor
Tropical Boubou               Laniarius ferrugineus
Taita Fiscal                  Lanius dorsalis
Grey-backed Fiscal            L. excubitoroides
Long-tailed Fiscal            L. cabanisi
Common Fiscal                 L. collaris
Retz's Helmetshrike           Prionops retzii
Chestnut.fronted Helmetshrike P. scopifrons
Pied Crow                     Corvus albus
House Crow                    C. splendens
Fan-tailed Raven              C. rhipidurus
Red-winged Starling           Onychognathus morio
Black-bellied Glossy Starling      Lamprotornis corruscus
Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling L. chalybeus
Rueppell's Long-tailed Starling    L. purpuropterus
African Drongo                Dicrurus adsimilis
Red-billed Oxpecker           Buphagus erythrorhynchus
Superb Starling               Spreo superbus
Golden-breasted Starling      Cosmopsarus regius
Grey-headed Sparrow           Passer griseus
House Sparrow                 P. domesticus
Rufous Sparrow                P. motitensis
White-browed Sparrow-weaver   Plocepasser mahali
Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow-weaver   P.donaldsoni
Grey-headed Social Weaver     Pseudonigritta arnaudi
White-bellied Buffalo-weaver  Bubalornis albirostris
Red-billed Buffalo-weaver     B. niger
White-headed Buffalo-weaver   Dinemellia dinemelli
Large Golden Weaver           Ploceus xanthops
Northern Masked Weaver        P. taeniopterus
Golden-backed Weaver          P. jacksoni
Lesser Masked Weaver          P. intermedius
Clarke's Weaver               P. golandi
Dark-backed Weaver            P. bicolor
Spectacled Weaver             P. ocularis
Baglafecht Weaver             P. baglafecht
Red-headed Malimbe            Anaplectes rubriceps
Long-tailed Widowbird         Euplectes progne
Northern Red Bishop           E. franciscanus
Yellow-crowned Bishop         E. afer
Red-billed Quelea             Quelea quelea
Peter's Twinspot              Hypargos niveoguttatus
Green Twinspot                Mandingoa nitidula
Red-billed Firefinch          Lagonosticta senegala
Village Indigobird            Vidua chalybeata
Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu       Uraeginthus bengalus
Common Waxbill                Estrilda astrild
Crimson-rumped Waxbill        E. rhodopyga
Black-faced Waxbill           E. erythronotos
Yellow-bellied Waxbill        E. melanotis
Purple Grenadier              Uraeginthus ianthinogaster
Pin-tailed Whydah             Vidua macroura
Bronze Mannikin               Lonchra cucullata
Bicoloured Mannikin           L. bicolor
Cut-throat                    Amadina fasciata
Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting     Emberiza tahapisi
Golden-breasted Bunting       E. flaviventris
African Citril                Serinus citrinelloides
Yellow-rumped Serin           S. atrogularis
Brimstone Serin               S. sulphuratus
Streaky Serin                 S. striolatus


Nairobi and surroundings (30 +31 July; 1 + 2 August)

IUCN area east of Nairobi (ringing on 2nd + 3rd August)

Sewage Ponds at Dandora, NE of Nbi (3rd August)

Nairobi National Park (4th August)

Malindi town + beach (6 August)

Sokoke Forest (7-8 August)

Mida Creek (7-8 August)

Lake Naivasha + Hell's Gate National Park (11-12 August)

Thika Forest and Plateau (13 August)

Lake Magadi (16 August)

Samburu (18-19 August)

Lake Baringo (20 August)

Lake Bogoria (21 August)

Lake Nakuru (21 August)

Nairobi National Park (23 August)

(stuff seen in previous visit is excluded!)

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