Trip Report: Sumatra (Indonesia) (P.R. China), January-February 1997

Jim Turner and Kate Trainer, 2974 Feiger Lane #6, Traverse City, MI 49684, USA;

[Ed.s note: These locations are also covered in the authors' extensive all-Asia report.]

Location Key:

S = Singkep Island, on Equator off east coast of Sumatra
B = Bukittingi, a hill town in central Sumatra
M = Maninjau, a village and mountain lake on westward slope, central Sumatra

Location notes:

All birds for Singkep Island wre seen within walking distance of Dabo town.

All Bukittingi birds seen in the canyon just below the town.

All Maninjau birds seen near the lake shore, less than 3 km north of Maninjau village.

Species numbers and nomenclature according to King/Woodcock's Birds of Southeast Asia.

No.   Name                      Location
---   ----                      --------
  26  Purple Heron              S
  31  Cattle Egret              S   M
  39  Yellow Bittern            S
  95  Osprey                    S
  97  Black Baza                S
 100  Black-shoulder Kite       S                 
 101  Black Kite                S   M
 102  Brahiny Kite              S
 103  Whit-belly Sea-eagle      S
 121  Japanese Sparrow-hawk     S
 215  White-breast Water-hen    S B M
 300  Gull-bill Tern                M
 30-  Tern sp (Black-nape?)     S
 375  Pink-neck Pigeon          S
 334  Rock Pigeon               S B M
 343  Spotted dove              S   M
 367  Plaintive Cuckoo            B M
 37-  Malkoha sp.                   M
 384  Lesser Coucal             S B M
 416  Malaysian Eared Nightjar  S
 423  Edible-nest Swiftlet      S B
 433  House Swift               S B
 434  Asianpalm Swift           S
 448  Common Kingfisher         S B
 545  Stork-bill Kingfisher     S
 457  White-throat Kingfisher   S   M
 458  Black-cap Kingfisher          M
 462  Blue-tail Bee-eater       S
 497  Coppersmith Barbet            M
 572  Barn Swallow                  M
 573  Pacific Swallow           S
 580  Black-wing Flyca-shrike       M
 600  Common Iora                   M
 624  Yellow-vent Bulbul        S B M
 625  Olive-wing Bulbul         S
 626  Sooty-head Bulbul             M
 628  Red-eyed Bulbul           S
 654  Black-nape Oriole         S
 681  Large-bill Crow           S
 760  Stripe Tit-babbler        S
 847  White-belly Yuhina          B
 863  Lesser Shortwing              M
 879  Magpie Robin                B M
 976  Dark-neck Tailorbird      S
 977  Ashy Tailorbird             B M
 983  Yellow-belly Prinia       S
      Bar-wing Prinia               M  Prinia familiaris
 986  Hill Prinia                   M
 987  Zitting Cisticola         S   M
1009  Asian Brown Flycatcher    S
1062  Grey Wagtail                B
1067  Richard's Pipit           S
1075  Brown Shrike              S   M
1077  Tiger Shrike              S   M
1082  Philippin Glossy Starling S
1101  Brown-throat Sunbird      S   M
1108  Olive-back Sunbird        S
1114  Crimson Sunbird             B M
1131  Orange-belly Flowerpecker S B M
1134  Scarlet-back Flowerpecker     M
1138  Oriental White-eye          B M
1140  Eurasian Tree-sparrow     S B M
1148  Pintail Parrot-finch          M
1154  Scaly-breast Munia        S   M
1155  Chestnut Munia            S
1156  White-headed Munia        S   M

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