North Africa

Morocco, February 1994 (Heikki Karhu, Kari Haataja, Harri Liusvaara). [69 kB]
Morocco, January 1995 (Rob Goldbach).
Southern Morocco, March 1998 (John Coveney and Marian O'Sullivan). [45 kB]
Morocco, January 1999 (Cliff Buckton).
Southern Morocco, March 1999 (Mick Dryden & Max Allan).
Tunisia, January 1997 ("Anonymous").
Tunisia, January-February 1997 (Joan Thompson).
Tunisia, March 1999 (William Oliver).
Cap Bon (Tunisia), April-May 2000 (Dirk Raes).
Egypt, December 1995 (K. Reidland).
Hurghada and Luxor (Egypt), August-September 2000 (Ole Post).

West Africa

For Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira, and Cape Verde Islands, see Atlantic Islands in the Europe section.

Gambia, November 1995 (Allen Chartier). [129 kB]
Gambia, March 1998 (Stephen Poley).
Gambia, October-Novmember 1998 (Dirk Vanackere and Marc Tailly).
Gambia, November 1998 (Gruff Dodd). [81 kB]
Gambia, February 1999 (Sven Lindahl and Kent Öhrn).
Gambia, October-November 1999 (Johan Waldemarsson). [46 kB]
Gambia, December 2000 (Howard Orridge). [87 kB + 82 kB list]
Gambia, December 2000 - January 2001 (Simon Woolley & Julia Casson).
Cameroon, March-April 1997 (Jon Hornbuckle).
Ghana, November-December 1996 (Mike Bowman).
Mali, April-May 1998 (Tom Harrison).
Senegal, June-July 1998 (Artur Degollada i Soler).
Mali, December 1998 - January 1999 (Bernie Cullen). [Unformatted text file]
Ivory Coast, April-June 2000 (Frank Rheindt). [119 kB]

East Africa

Ethiopia, November-December 1997 (Mike Milton and Judy Schaefer).
Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti, March-April 1998 (Mike Rogerson).
Ethiopia, October 1999 (Jan Vermeulen). [119 kB]
Ethiopia and Djibouti, November 1999 - January 2000 (Giles Mulholland). [48 kB plus 273 kB in four appendices]
PDF or MS-Word downloads also available.
Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi, February 1996 (Mike Pope). [104 kB]
Kenya, July-August 1996 (Gonçalo Elias).
Malawi, March 1997 (Jon Hornbuckle). [57 kB]
Kenya and Uganda, July-August 1997 (José Tavares).
Malawi, September 1997 (Tom Harrison).
Tanzania, January-February 1998 (Gonçalo Elias).
Malawi and Zambia, July-August 1999 (Jan Vermeulen). [117 kB]
Kenya and Zanzibar, September 1999 (David Kelly). [57 kB]
Tanzania, December 2000 - January 2001 (David B. Collinge).
Various trip reports from southern (Zimbabwe, Mozambique) and eastern (Tanzania, Kenya) Africa. (Michael Mills).

Madagascar and Other Indian Ocean Islands

Madagascar, September 1994 (Susan Myers).
Madagascar, August 1995 (Richard Fairbank). [41 kB]
Madagascar, September-October 1995 (Trevor Quested).
Madagascar, July 1997 (Ronald Orenstein).
Madagascar and Mauritius, David Siems and Steve Anyon-Smith (October-November 1998).
Madagascar, November-December 1998 (Michael Mills).
Madagascar, November-December 2000 (Garry George). [77 kB]
Mascarenes (Réunion and Mauritius), July 1999 (Gérard Joannes).
Seychelles, September-October 1998 (Ian & Ruth Traynor).
Seychelles, July-August 2000 (Paola Ricceri & Marco Salvioni).

Southern Africa

Gaborone area (Botswana) birding sites (Dragan Simic, Ed.).
Botswana and Zimbabwe, August-September 1996 (Lynette Oxley)
Caprivi Strip (Namibia), September 1996 (Christopher Hines).
Nambibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, September-October 1998 (David Kelly).
Mozambique, October 1998 (Faansie Peacock).
Zimbabwe and Botswana, October-December 1998 (Linda Lee Baker).
Eastern Zimbabwe and Central Mozambique, November-December 1998 (Mike Pope). [57 kB]
Zimbabwe, August 1999 (James Packer).
Southwestern Zimbabwe, November-December 1999 (Mike Pope). [77 kB]
Southern Mozambique, January 2000 (Mike Pope).
Zimbabwe (including parts of Botswana and South Africa), February-March 2000 (Gruff Dodd). [166 kB]
Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Okavango Delta (Botswana), and Cape Town area (South Africa), June 2000 (Larry Gardella).
Namibia, September 2000 (Cliff Buckton).
Various trip reports from southern (Zimbabwe, Mozambique) and eastern (Tanzania, Kenya) Africa. (Michael Mills).
South Africa, August 1991 (Richard Fairbank). [99 kB]
South Africa, July-August 1995 (Rob Goldbach).
Cape Town (South Africa) and Zimbabwe, October 1996 (David Kelly).
Eastern South Africa and Zimbabwe, February-March 1997 (Jon Hornbuckle).
South Africa, March 1997 (David Fischer). [75 kB]
Cape Province (South Africa), September-October 1997 (Georges Olioso). [93 kB]
South Africa and Victoria Falls, July-August 1998 (Stefano Brambilla).
KwaZulu-Natal, Kruger N.P. (South Africa); Lesotho and Swaziland, August-September 1998 (Michael Leven). [103 kB]
Cape Town and Off-shore (South Africa), January 1999 (Wim Vader).
Cape Province (South Africa), February-March 1999 (Gruff Dodd). [129 kB]
Northern Cape Province (South Africa), February-March 1999 (John McAllister)
Zululand (South Africa), September 1999 (Wim Vader).
Natal (South Africa), September 1999 (Wim Vader).
Overberg (Cape Province, South Africa), November 1999 (Wim Vader).
Kruger N.P. (South Africa), April 2000 (Mike Pope).
Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Okavango Delta (Botswana), and Cape Town area (South Africa), June 2000 (Larry Gardella).

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