Asia - "Further East"

Asia (16 countries), September 1996 - May 1997 (Jim Turner and Kate Trainer). [68 kB]

Inner Asia

Caucasus area see Europe.
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, June-July 1997 (Graham Tebb). [45 kB]
Tien Shan Mountains, Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan, July-August 1997 (Stuart Reeves).
Northern Iran and Uzbekistan, September 1997 (Dirk Raes).
Kazakhstan, May-June 1999 (Don Taylor). [91 kB]
Uzbekistan and Kirghizstan, June-July 2000 (Lawrie Conole).

Indian Subcontinent

Various trip reports from the Indian subcontinent authored or collected by Vivek Tiwari.
Nepal, January 1993 (Tom Tarrant).
Tiger Tops (Royal Chitwan N.P., Nepal), January-February 1998 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Nepal and India, April 1997 (Jim Turner & Kate Trainer).
India and Royal Chitwan N.P. (Nepal), October 1998 - April 1999 (Chris Cook). [69 kB]
Tiger Tops (Royal Chitwan N.P., Nepal), March 1999 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Southern Nepal, March 1999 (Laura Gooch).
Nepal, March 1999 (Allen & Nancy Chartier) [99 kB].
Royal Chitwan N.P. and Tiger Tops (Nepal), March 2000 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Nepal, April-May 2000 (Phil Benstead). [48 kB]
Thailand and Nepal, December 2000 - January 2001 (Greg Roberts).
Bhutan, January 1995 (Niels Poul Dreyer). [71 kB]
Western Bhutan, March 2000 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Ladakh (India), June-July 1982 (Richard Fairbank).
India, January-February 1989 (Rob Goldbach).
Southern India, November-December 1990 (Rob Goldbach).
Bombay and Poona (India), January 1996 (Ignaz Wanders).
Goa (India), January 1996 ("Anonymous").
Northwest India, December 1996 - January 1997 (Phil Benstead and others).
Goa (India), March 1997 (Joakim Djerf).
Nepal and India, April 1997 (Jim Turner & Kate Trainer).
Goa (India), November 1997 (Tom and Marie Tarrant).
Northern India, November 1997 (Rob Goldbach).
Ranthambhor N.P. (Rajasthan, India), January 1998 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Jim Corbett N.P. (Uttar Pradesh, India), January 1998 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Keoladeo N.P. (Bharatpur, India), January 1998 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Taj Mahal and Keoladeo N.P. (Bharatpur, India), February-March 1998 (Clive Harris).
India (mainly Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks, Madhya Pradesh State) and Nepal, October 1998 - April 1999 (Chris Cook). [69 kB]
Goa (India), November 1998 (Clive Harris).
Goa (India), November-December 1998 (Pierre van der Wielen).
Ranthambhor N.P. (Rajasthan, India), February-March 1999 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Keoladeo N.P. (Bharatpur, India), March 1999 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Tirthan Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India), March 1999 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Goa (India), January-February 2000 (Willy Aelvoet).
Chambal River (Uttar Pradesh, India), March 2000 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Northern India, January 2001 (Andreas Hagerman).
Northern India, January-February 2001 (Steve Dark). [75 kB]
Sri Lanka, July-August 1997 (Rohan van Twest).
Sri Lanka, October-November 1997 (Mike Bowman).
Sri Lanka, December 1997 (Chris Bowden).
Sri Lanka, March-April 1999 (Keith Martin).
Sri Lanka, March-April 1999 (Ian Mills).
Sri Lanka, October 2000 (Jeff Blincow).
Sri Lanka, December 2000 (Clive Harris).
Sri Lanka, December 2000 - January 2001 (Jim Hackett).


Three birding sites in Northern Thailand (David Kuehn).
Thailand, December 1996 - January 1997 (Aidan G. Kelly).
Doi Inthanon (Thailand), January 1998 (Shoko Tomikawa and Arthur A. Tansley).
Thailand, July 1998 (Susan Myers).
Kow Yai or Khao Yai (Thailand), January 1999 (Peter Ericsson).
Doi Inthanon (Thailand), February 1999 (Peter Ericsson).
Kaengkrachan Natl. Park (Thailand), April and May 1999 (Peter Ericsson).
Peninsular Thailand, May 1999 (Aidan G. Kelly).
Nam Nao Natl. Park (Thailand), July 1999 (Peter Ericsson).
Southern Thailand, November 1999 (Anders Hangård).
Doi Inthanon (Thailand), January 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
A description of the morning bird chorus in suburban Bangkok (Thailand), March 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Kaengkrachan Natl. Park (Thailand), April & July 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand, April-May 2000 (Chris Gooddie). [149 kB]
Mae Wong Natl. Park (Thailand), May 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Nam Nao Natl. Park (Thailand), August 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Khao Yai & Kaengkrachan (Thailand), September 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Thailand and Nepal, December 2000 - January 2001 (Greg Roberts).
Mae Ping & Doi Inthanon (Thailand), January 2001 (Peter Ericsson).
Mae Wong N.P. (Thailand), February 2001 (Peter Ericsson).


Vietnam, March-April 1998 (Jon Hornbuckle)
Vietnam, November-December 1998 (Phil Benstead & Charlotte Petersson).
Vietnam and a little bit of Thailand, December 1998 - January 1999 (Aidan Kelly). [91 kB]
Southern Vietnam, March 1999 (David Fischer).
Vietnam, May 1999 (Susan Myers).

Malaysia and Singapore

Sabah & Sarawak (Borneo, Malaysia), five trips: 1989-1996 (Tomas Carlberg). [123 kB]
Taiwan and Malaysia, November 1995 (Rob Goldbach).
Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, May 1996 (Keith and Lindsay Fisher). [47 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, July-August 1996 (Keith Martin).
Tioman Island (Malaysia) and Singapore, December 1996 (Fer-Jan de Vries).
Singapore, December 1996 (Francis Toldi).
Peninsular Malaysia, March-April 1997 (Susan Myers).
Kuala Lumpur, The Gap, Fraser's Hill (Malaysia), May 1997 (Peter Thompson).
Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia), August 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Malaysia, September 1997 (David B. Collinge).
Malaysia, September 1997 (Tom and Marie Tarrant).
Penisular Malaysia, February-March 1998 (David Fischer). [42 kB]
Malaysia, March 1998 (David Geale). [57 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, June 1998 (Aidan Kelly). [61 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, June 1998 (Tomas Carlberg & Sten Stemme).
Taman Pertanian and Taman Negara (Malaysia), July 1998 (Peter Thompson).
Singapore, August 1998 (Steve Clark).
Peninsular Malaysia, September 1998 (Keith Regan & Nick Watmough).
Singapore, October 1998 (Tim Earl).
The Gap & Frazier's Hill (Malaysia), Australia, Bali, November-December 1998 (Robert Payne). [86 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, March 1999 (Graham Tebb). [73 kB]
Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia), June 1999 (Aidan G. Kelly). [65 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, July-August 1999 (Wim Veraghtert). [87 kB]
Peninsular Malaysia, October 1999 (Phil Benstead).
Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia), February-March 2000 (Susan Myers).
Peninsular Malaysia, March 2000 (Susan Myers).
Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia), April 2000 (John Penhallurick).
Singapore, April 2000 (Ron Hoff).
Peninsular Malaysia and southern Thailand, April-May 2000 (Chris Gooddie). [149 kB]
Panti Forest (Johor, Malaysia), June 2000 (Peter Ericsson).
Peninsular Malaysia, July 2000 (Tomas Carlberg).


Philippines, January-February 1994 (Jon Hornbuckle). [162 kB]
Philippines, April 1996 (Richard Fairbank).
Mindanao, Cebu, Bohol, and Luzon (Philippines), March 2000 (Aidan G. Kelly). [141 kB]
Philippines, December 2000 - January 2001 (Chuck Heikkinen & Delia Unson).

Indonesia and Surrounding Islands

Sumba (Indonesia) and Timor, July 1991 (Niels Poul Dreyer).
Lombok (Indonesia), September 1995 (Susan Myers).
Irian Jaya (Indonesia), September 1995 (Susan Myers).
Java and Bali (Indonesia), December 1996 - January 1997 (Lawrie Conole). [74 kB]
Sumatra, January-February 1997 (Jim Turner & Kate Trainer).
Sulawesi and Halmahera (Indonesia), Summer 1997 (Teus Luijendijk).
Indonesia, August 1997 (Allen Chartier). [58 kB]
Gunung Leuser N.P. and Kerinci-Seblat N.P., Sumatra (Indonesia), April 1998 (Trevor and Annie Quested).
Java (Indonesia), July-August 1998 (Rob Goldbach).
Malaysia, Australia, Bali (Indonesia), November-December 1998 (Robert Payne). [86 kB]
Sulawesi and Halmahera (Indonesia), September 1999 (Alan Wilkinson).
Flores and Komodo (Indonesia), November 1999 (Tim Allwood).
Way Kanan N.P., Sumatra (Indonesia), December 1999 - January 2000 (Tim Allwood).
Gunung Gede Pangrangro N.P., Java (Indonesia), 1999-2000 (Tim Allwood).
Sulawesi, April-May 2000 (Ron Hoff). [50 kB]

P. R. China and Taiwan

China, mainly Sichuan, eight trips: 1996-1999 (Skip Almoney).
Hong Kong, April 1996 (Gail Mackiernan). [93 kB]
Mai Po (Hong Kong), April 1996 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Various China Locations, October 1996 (Jim Turner & Kate Trainer).
Shanghai, Chengdu (P.R. China), June 1997 (Mike Houle).
Northeastern China, October 1997 (Mike Houle).
Beijing (China), November 1997 (Keith Martin).
China, April-May 1998 (Richard Palmer).
Happy Island, Badaling, Beijing (China), May 1998 (Stefan Cherrug).
Mai Po (Hong Kong), April 1998 (Clive Harris).
Hong Kong and New Territories, April 1998 (Jeff Wilson).
Xinjiang Province (P.R. China), July-August 1998 (Steve Clark).
Hong Kong, October-November 1998 (Kevin J. Caley).
Hong Kong, November 1998 (Darrell Lee). [65 kB]
China, July-September 1998 (Jerzy Dyczkowki).
China, July 1999 (Bill Pratt).
Beidaihe and Happy Island (P.R. China), August-September 1999 (Jan Ole Kriegs).
Beidaihe (P.R. China), September 1999 (Gerd Rotzoll).
Hong Kong, December 1999 (Francis Toldi).
Po Yang (Jiangxi Province, P.R. China), December 2000 (Graham Talbot & Volker Schmidt).
Taiwan and Malaysia, November 1995 (Rob Goldbach).
Ta-wu Shan (Taiwan), December 1996 - January 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Ilan (Taiwan), January 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Tsu Yun Shan (Taiwan), February 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Taiwan and Tokyo (Japan), Februay-March 1997 (Claudius Feger).
Hohouanshan (Taiwan), March 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Orchid Island or Lanyu (Taiwan), April 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Anmashan (Taiwan), May 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Taiwan pelagic trip, June 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Hawk migration at Kenting (Taiwan), October 1997 (Wayne Hsu).
Rarity search in Tainan County (Taiwan), January 1998 (Wayne Hsu).
Anmashan - Tatu River Estuary and Hanbou (Taiwan), January 1998 (Wayne Hsu).
Dolphin research cruise out ofIlan (Taiwan), June 1998 (Wayne Hsu).
Fushan Botanical Gardens (northern Taiwan), January 1999 (Wayne Hsu).
Taipei (Taiwan, December 1999 (Francis Toldi).
Taiwan endemics, October 2000 (Graham Talbot).


Tokyo (Japan), August 1994 (Urs Geiser).
Japan, September-October 1996 (Peter Lonsdale).
Tokyo (Japan), December 1996 (Francis Toldi).
Kansai area (Japan), December 1996 (Susan Myers).
Kyoto and Arasaki (Japan), January 1997 (Haynes Miller).
Taiwan and Tokyo (Japan), Februay-March 1997 (Claudius Feger).
Tokyo, Okazaki, and Kyoto (Japan), March 1997 (Urs Geiser).
Japan, June 1997 (Garry George).
Japan, August 1997 (Harry Lehto).
Japan, November-December 1997 (Barnaby Briggs).
Japan, June 1998 (Johan Lindén).
Kobe, Nara, Tokyo (Japan), December 1998 (John Anderson).
Tokyo - Ogasawara (Bonin Islands, Japan) by Freighter for Short-tailed Albatross, March 1999 (Jim Hackett).
Hokkaido (Japan), March 1999 (James Yurchenco).
Tokyo and environs (Japan), April 1999 (Pete Shen).
Japan (including pelagics), May-June 1999 (Jim Danzenbaker). [100 kB]
Tokyo and Tomokomai ferry (Japan), October 1999 (Neil Money).
Tokyo and Eastern Hokkaido (Japan), May-June 2000 (Tony Coatsworth).
Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan), September 2000 (Neil Money).

Korean Peninsula

South Korea, December 1993 - January 1994 (Steven Feldstein).
Seoul (South Korea), July 1994 (Urs Geiser).
South Korea, September 1996 (Jim Turner and Kate Trainer).
Seoul and Inchon area (South Korea), May 1998 (Erik Toorman).


Siberia, Kamchatka, May-June 1995 (Eli Elder).

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