Europe incl. Atlantic Islands

Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen

Iceland, October 1995 (Morten Gunther).
Iceland, November 1996 (Bill Smith).
Iceland, May 1999 (Harry Lehto).
Iceland, April 2000 (Don Cotton).
Traill Island (Greenland), June-July 1997 (Antti Below).
Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Summer 1999 (Arjen Drost).


Finland, June 1992 (Rob Goldbach).
Isosaari (southern Finland), 1994-95 ("Anonymous"). [43 kB]
Heina-Suvanto (Finland), May 1997 ("Anonymous").
Northern Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway), June 1998 (Gruff Dodd). [65 kB]
Finland and Varanger Fjord (Norway), June-July 1998 (Roberto Garavaglia and Federico Bonicelli).
Finland and Northern Norway, May-June 1999 (Barry Cooper and Gail Mackiernan).
Northern Scandinavia, June 1999 (Teus Luijendijk).
Northern Scandinavia, May-June 2000 (Simon Woolley and Julia Casson).
Eastern and Central Finland, June 2000 (Georges Olioso).
Inari Lappi (Finland) and Varangerfjord (Norway), July 2000 (Harry Lehto).
Varanger Fjord (Norway), March-April 1995 (Harry Lehto).
Norway, June 1996 (David Keating).
Norway, June-August 1996 (Steve Hampton).
Various reports from Hordaland County (Norway) (Eddie Chapman).
Slettnes (Northern Norway), May 2000 (Ed Keeble & John Lowe).
Småland and Ölland (Sweden), August 1997 (David Collinge).
Tynnigö (Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden), Michael Watkins (June-August 1998).
Southern Sweden and Denmark (for winter owls), January 2000 (Remco Hofland).
Various day trip reports from Sjælland (Denmark) and Scania (Sweden) (David Collinge).
Jutland (Denmark), July 1995 (David Collinge).
Fyn, Langeland and Vejlerne, Jutland (Denmark), July 1997 (David Collinge).
Jutland (Denmark), Northern Germany, and Koitjärve (Sweden), April 1998 ("Anonymous").
Fyn, Jutland, Amanger, and Sjælland (Denmark), July-August 1998 (David Collinge).

British Isles

England and Spain, April 1993 (Mark Oberle).
Scotland and England, March 1995 (Mark Oberle).
Lake District and Leighton Moss (England), April 1995 (David Collinge).
England, August-September, 1995 (Gail Mackiernan). [42 kB]
Felixstowe, England, September 1996 (Mark E. Perkins).
England and Scotland, May 1997 (Garry George).
Norfolk (England), March 1998 (David Collinge).
Scotland and England, May 1998 (Joan Dziezyc).
Scottish Highlands, May 1998 (Gordon Hamlett).
England and Scotland, June 1998 (Marietta Deming).
England, October 1998 (Ted Floyd).
Northwest England, Wales & Dorset, July-August 1998 (Helen Baines). Alternate version with pictures.
Norfolk (England) and Friesland (The Netherlands), May 1999 (Wim Vader).
Scotland (mainly Skye and Torridon), April 2000 (David B. Collinge).
Scottish Highlands, May 2000 (Graham Mee).
Wales, May 2000 (Graham Mee).
Southeast England, May 2000 (Tom Harrison).
Fife, Aberdeen and east coast (Scotland), June 2000 (Graham Mee).
Irish Impressions, April-June 2000 (Wim Vader).
Orkney Islands, June 2000 (Stéphane Moniotte).


Champagne Lakes, France, January 1997 (Liz Watson).
French Pyrenees, September 1996 (Tim Earl).
Camargue, France, April-May 1997 (Ulli Höger).
France, May-June 1998 (Mark & Sandra Dennis).
French Pyrenees, August 1998 (Neil Money).
Bretagne (France), October 1998 (Roberto Garavaglia and Matteo Lausetti)
Corsica (France), May 1998 (Tommy Andersen, Rune Asbjørnsen, Magne Pettersen, Patric Simensen).
Corsica (France), April 2000 (Simon Woolley & Julia Casson).
La Brenne (central France), May 2000 (Yves Baptiste).
France and Spain, May 2000 (Phil Cruttenden).
Eastern France (lower Doubs, Jura), June 2000 (John van der Woude).
La Brenne (central France), July-August 2000 (Ivan Steenkiste).
Southern France and Corsica, April-May 2000 (Yann Kolbeinsson).


Netherlands, January-May 1996 (Denis Lepage).
Netherlands, August 1997 (Tom Harrison).
Various Netherlands reports (Mark Kuiper).
Tienhoven (Netherlands), February 1998 (Wim Vader).
Netherlands, May 1998 (Rich Ditch).
Netherlands, February and March 1999 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Norfolk (England) and Friesland (The Netherlands), May 1999 (Wim Vader).


Birding sites around Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) (Richard Ives).
Luebben Fish Ponds (Eastern Germany), July 1995, with 1997 postscript (Paul Rakow).
Bingen area (west-central Germany), May-June 1996 (George Harris).
Northern East Germany, July 1996 ('').
Bavaria (Germany), May 1997 (Robert Bowman).
Germany, June-July 1997 (Haynes Miller).
Jutland (Denmark), Northern Germany, and Koitjärve (Sweden), April 1998 ("Anonymous").
Berlin (Germany), June-July 1998 (Andrew Middleton).
Rügen Island (Germany), (Stig Linander).
Various trip reports from Germany and elsewhere ("Kalakotkas" [Pseudonym]).


Switzerland, August 1994 (Urs Geiser).
Switzerland, May 1995 (Urs Geiser).
Switzerland (esp. Wallcreeper and Black Woodpecker), February and December 1998 (Tom and Margot Southerland).
Switzerland, December 1998 - January 1999 (Urs Geiser).

East-Central Europe

Neusiedl Lake and Vienna (Austria), June 1997 (Theo Hofmann).
Neusiedl Lake and Marchegg (Austria), May 1998 (Henning R. Sørensen).
Neusiedl Lake (Austria and Hungary), May-June 1999 (Dirk Raes).
Karsiborska Kepa Reserve (Poland), July 1997 (Bill Smith).
Western Poland, July 1997 (Dirk Raes).
Warsaw, Cracow (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), July-August 1997 (Terry Witt).
Swina Delta (Poland), August 1997 (Paul Rakow).
Poland, August 1999 (Arnau Bonan Barfull and others). [55 kB]
Northwestern Poland, July 2000 (Gruff Dodd).
Prague, Czech Republic, September 1995 (Paul Pisano).
Prague, Czech Republic, May 1997 (Jerry Griggs).
Czech Republic, August 1998 (Bob Lewis).
Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, June 1996 ("Anonymous").
Hungary, August 1997 (Gerd Rotzoll).
Hortobagy (Hungary), April 1999 (Jerzy Dyczkowski).
Hungary, August 2000 (David B. Collinge).

Former Soviet Union (European Portion incl. Caucasus)

Estonia, July 1998 (Harry Lehto).
Karelia (Russia), July-August 1997 (Wim Vader).
Perm, Ekaterinburg, and Chelyabinsk (Ural region, Russia), May-June 1998 (Roberto Garavaglia).
Republic of Georgia, July-August 1998 (Phil Benstead).
Republic of Georgia, February-March 2000 ("Anonymous").
Armenia, July 1998 (Marc Tailly).
Armenia, September 2000 (Ken Cole).


Balkans: Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, June-July 1997 ("Anonymous"). [56 kB]
Serbia birding information (Dragan Simic).
Danube near Belgrade (Yugoslavia) and Serbian Important Bird Areas, summer 1996 and winter 1997 (Dragan Simic).
Skadar Lake N.P., Montenegro (Yugoslavia), January 1997 (Dragan Simic).
Waterfowl census at Iron Gates N.P., Serbia (Yugoslavia), January 1999 (Dragan Simic).
Danube Delta (Romania), September 1997 (Peter Hirsch).
Butrint N.P.(Southern Albania), February 2001 (Luca Peruzzi).

Greece and Cyprus

Greece, July 1994 (George and Myra Dremeaux).
Crete, September 1995 (Mark and Sandra Dennis).
Northwestern Greece, May 1997 (Gebbe Björkman).
Crete (Greece), April-May 1998 (Georges Olioso).
Northern Greece, June 1998 (Rob Goldbach).
Greece, August 1998 ('').
Northern Greece, September 1998 (Glenn Vermeersch).
Crete and Central Greece, May 1999 (Georges Olioso).
Northern Greece, May 1999 (Dirk & Regina Ferus).
Karpathos (Greece), September 1999 (Julia Pahountis-Opacic).
Crete (Greece), April 2000 (Thomas Pettersson).
Naxos (Greece), August 2000 (Dirk Ferus).
Lesvos (Greece), September 2000 (Paul Wetton).
Cyprus, April 1995 (Mark and Sandra Dennis)
Cyprus, April 1995 (James Packer)
Cyprus, April 1997 (David Collinge).
North Cyprus, October-November 1998 (José Tavares).
North Cyprus, April 2000 (Tim Parmenter/BMNH).
Cyprus, December 2000 (Ken Tucker).

Italy and Slovenia

North-east Italy and Slovenia, May-June 1996 (Paul Tout).
Verona (Italy), May 1997 (Wim Vader).
Sardinia (Italy), August 1997 (Graham Tebb).
Lerici (Liguria) and surroundings (Italy), September 1997 (Mike Collins).
Toscana (Italy), April-May 1998 (Alberto Marcone).

Spain and Portugal

England and Spain, April 1993 (Mark Oberle).
Spain, April 1996 (Per Stensland).
Southern Spain, June 1996 (Mark Dennis).
Spain, December 1996 - January 1997 (Alberto Marcone).
Andalusia and Extremadura (Spain), March 1997 (Luciano Ruggieri).
Costa Almeria (Andalusia, Spain), April 1997 (Dirk Raes).
Bay of Biscay (Plymouth-Santander ferry), August 1997 (James Gilroy).
Costa Almeria (Andalusia, Spain), April 1998 (Dirk Raes).
Southwestern Spain, April 1998 (Richard Dunn).
Extremadura (Spain), April-May 1998 (Yves Baptiste).
Extremadura (Spain), May 1998 (Neil Money).
Extremadura (Spain), May 1998 (John van der Woude).
Spanish Pyrenees, May-June 1998 (Peter Jones). [50 kB]
Strait of Gibraltar (Spain), August-September 1998 (Ken Tucker).
Extremadura (Spain), May 1999 (Ian Reid).
Northeast Spain (and some France), June 1999 (John van der Woude).
Andalucia (Spain), September 1999 (Neil Money).
Extremadura and Southern Spain, September 1999 (Frédéric Tillier) (in French).
Andalucia and Extremadura (Spain), January 2000 (Heikki & Olli Karhu). [53 kB]
Extremadura (Spain), April 2000 (Yves Baptiste).
Catalonia (Spain), June 2000 (Artur Degollada).
France and Spain, May 2000 (Phil Cruttenden).
Northeastern Spain, September 2000 (Nico Geiregat).
Various Mallorca reports (Arnstein Indahl).
Mallorca, March 1996 (Gunnar Engblom).
Mallorca, April 1997 (James Packer).
Mallorca, April 1998 (Adrian Kettle).
Mallorca, May 1998 (Dirk Raes).
Mallorca, April 1999 (Ted Reed).
Mallorca, September 1999 (Paul Wetton).
Mallorca, April 2000 (Dirk Raes).
Northern Mallorca, May 2000 (Wilton Farrelly).
Menorca, May-June 2000 (David Newman).
Portugal, August 1998 (Faansie Peacock).
Portugal, March 1999 (Tom Harrison).
Portugal, September 1999 (Dirk Ferus).
Southern Portugal (and a little Spain), September 1999 (Gruff Dodd). [69 kB]

Atlantic Islands

Tenerife (Canary Islands), April 1992 (Harry Lehto).
Canary Islands, June 1994 (Mark Oberle).
Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), December 1996 - January 1997 (Magne Pettersen & Sidsel Iversby).
Tenerife (Canary Islands), January 1997 (Liisa Sarakontu).
Lanzarote (Canary Islands), March 1997 (Jens Erik Nygård).
Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), September 1997 (Kevin J. Caley).
Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), December 1998 (Sjaak Schilperoort).
Tenerife (Canary Islands), March 1998 (Liisa Sarakontu).
Canary Islands, April 1998 (Remco Hofland and Teus Luijendijk). [45 kB]
Tenerife (Canary Islands), November 1998 (Lasse Olsson).
Canary Islands, November-December 1998 (F. Dorèl).
Tenerife, Gomera, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), March-April 1999 (Ady Gancz).
La Palma (Canary Islands), July-August 1999 (Mark Adams).
Tenerife and La Gomera (Canary Islands), August-September 1999 (John Coveney).
Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife (Canary Islands), September 1999 (Hans van Oosterhout).
Southern Part of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), December 1999 - January 2000 (Geir F. Karlsen).
Tenerife and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), December 1999 - January 2000 (Henning Fedders & Frank Rheindt). [43 kB]
Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), May 2000 (Howard Orridge).
Canary Islands, November 2000, January, and February-March 2001 (Harry Lehto).
Madeira, October 1995 (Tuula and Juha Piipponen).
Madeira, August 1998 (Andreas Bruun Kristensen, Denmark).
Madeira, December 1998 (David Collinge).
Madeira, December 1998 (Jonathan Dean).
Madeira, September-October 1999 (Keith Regan).
Madeira, October-November 1999 (Neil Money).
Madeira, September 2000 (Niklas Holmström and others).
Macaronesia (Atlantic Islands) by Sailing Yacht, July 1997 (Bill Smith).
Azores, July 1997 (Ricard Gutierrez).
Azores, October 1998 (Gonçalo Elias).
Cape Verde Islands, March 1999 (Tony Clarke).
Cape Verde Islands, April 1999 (José Pedro Tavares).

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Urs Geiser, October 31, 2001