North America

This list only contains my own reports and those of personal aquaintances. I will no longer accept contributed reports from the Americas. Much more extensive collections of American reports are found elsewhere.

New England, upstate New York, southern Ontario, August 1995 (Urs Geiser).
New Hampshire, with some Massachusetts and Maine, July-August 2000 (Urs Geiser).
Southern Illinois with focus on Greater Prairie Chicken, March 1995 (Jim Frazier).
East St. Louis area and Illinois River Valley, Illinois, August 1998 (Urs Geiser).
Duluth, Minnesota, December 1996 (Urs Geiser).
South Texas: Lower Rio Grande Valley and Corpus Christi, November 1999 (Urs Geiser). [60 kB] Separate picture gallery.
Northern Utah, July-August 1996 (Urs Geiser).
Arizona, August 1995 (Jim Frazier). [42 kB]
Northern California, July-August 1997 (Urs Geiser). [71 kB]

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Urs Geiser, October 19, 2000