Bird Trip Reports Archive- Mainly From the Old World

Collected by Urs Geiser, Woodridge (Illinois), USA;

New Location

No more server crashes and loss of website! Tina MacDonald, author of the ' Where do you want to go Birding Today?' website, has agreed to host the archive of my trip reports collection on her website. Thanks very much, Tina. March 2, 2003.


This Website is Frozen

Until further notice, I will no longer accept new trip reports for this website. Existing reports will remain on the website. May 27, 2001

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Entries in italics point to trip reports that are stored at other WWW sites over which I have no control. All other entries are stored here.

Sizes are indicated for reports stored here, and only if they are larger than ca. 40 kB.

This website was inaugurated in June 1995.

Urs Geiser;; March 4, 2003