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Jenís Mock Blintzes

Take 2 eggs, and beat them well.  Add a little water to thin them out.  Add cinnamon and nutmeg and beat well again.  In a separate bowl, take half a package (or so) of warmed cream cheese (nuke it for a few seconds), and add sweetener and vanilla... as much as you see fit, but 3 or 4 packets of nutrasweet do fine for me, plus about a teaspoon of vanilla.  Melt some butter in a large omelette pan and pour in the egg mixture.  Tilt the pan so it's nice and thin.  Youíre not making a real omelette here, more like crepes.  When it's set, spoon the cream cheese mixture in the centre.  I add a sliced strawberry or two.  Fold the sides of the "crepe" over the centre and place on a plate.  I swear - it's almost as good if not better than the real thing. =)