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Mew's Quick and Easy bread/pancake

2 eggs (1.5g carbs)
1 tbsp. psyllium husks (5g)
1 tbsp. Splenda (1.5g)
1 tbsp. organic kamut flour (6.5g)
1 tsp. oil (0g)
14.5g of carbs in total for one large or 7.25 each for two thinner ones.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Make sure it is well blended and smooth. My batter sat in the fridge for an hour or so before cooking and 'firmed up' a bit. Pour into a hot pan with a bit of oil or butter and cook until edges look slightly done and a couple of bubbles have risen through the cake. It is very dense so flipping is easy and there won't be very many bubbles at all. Cook until second side is done, and enjoy.

Of course you can leave out the Splenda for fewer carbs and a less sweet cake. I'm going to experiment with different flavours, maybe using jello for a fruity cake, or different herbs and spices. I haven't tried baking this at all, since I was going more for a very quick, dense stovetop cake that could be used for sandwiches or as a pancake. It does have a slightly eggy taste, but I think that could be easily disguised when adding flavours.

I used organic kamut flour, which I think is higher in carbs than soy flour or protein powders. I can't tolerate the taste of soy flour, though, and find kamut delicious. I'm also trying to find different ways to incorporate psyllium husks into my diet, since I dislike drinking them in water.