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The “Other” Grande Marnier – from Tina MacDonald

1 26-oz. bottle of brandy (does not need to be high quality - good brandy is a waste)
1 tbsp. glycerin (druggists have this)
1 large Seville orange
1 cup sugar (Splenda?)
8 oz. vodka

Thoroughly clean a glass container with an opening at least four inches in diameter. Heat brandy slowly, just until Splenda dissolves... DO NOT BOIL OR EVEN SIMMER!!! - just warm. Pour into glass jar. Wrap orange in a cat's cradle of string so that the orange is not pierced. Lower into the glass jar so that it does not touch the brandy/Splenda mixture. (Using skewers to support the orange on the jar rim works well - run the skewers under the knot on the top of the orange). Cover the top of the jar with Saran wrap or aluminum foil.

Now comes the patience... put away for at least 30 to 40 days. The back corner of a kitchen cupboard works well. After a month or so, the orange isn't orange anymore - all the oils have dripped into the brandy. Throw away the orange. Add the vodka and glycerin (if you stall on glycerin, omit it, it only effects the texture/stickiness of the liqueur). Stir and serve.

I have done this often with sugar, but never with Splenda. It is the brandy fumes that leach out the orange oils - the sugar, I think, is just for taste. I can see no reason why it would not work just the same.