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French Silk Chocolate Pie

Filling Ingredients:

1/2 cup butter, softened (not melted)
Equivalent of 3/4 cup (or 12 Tbsp. or 36 tsp.) sugar (18 packets Splenda)
2 squares (2 oz) unsweetened baking chocolate (8 gm)
1 tsp. vanilla (3 gm)
2 eggs (1 gm)
Optional ingredients:
Chopped nuts to use for topping, or to mix into pie filling
1 pint heavy cream, whipped with sweetener -- for topping
Low-Carb Crust recipe of your choice, or finely chopped nuts mixed with melted butter and sweetener and pressed into pie plate


Cream butter and sweetener. Melt chocolate and blend into butter/sweetener mixture when cooled. Stir in vanilla. Add eggs, one at a time. With electric mixer, beat 5 MINUTES after adding each egg (total 10 minutes). This is an important step, so set your timer.

Add nuts if desired. Pour into pre-baked low-carb pie crust (if you are using a crust), or into buttered pie plate without crust.

Chill 1-2 hours minimum. Top with whipped cream if desired, and sprinkle nuts over the top. Best if chilled overnight. Total carbs for filling: 12 gm. Carbs per serving (filling only --1/8 pie) = 1.5 gm.

NOTES: If you double the recipe, add eggs 2 at a time and beat 7 minutes each time (total 14 minutes). If you prefer, use a 12-cup cupcake tin and distribute the filling evenly into the 12 cups. Each cup of filling will be 1 carb.