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“Free” Dessert – from Terrie Kaufman

1 Package Sugarless Jello - any flavor

Use the 2 cups hot water to dissolve the Jello. Instead of using the 2 cups cold water, use something like Lemon/Lime diet drinks, or even the Diet Coke I used with Cherry Jello.

Since the diet drinks are less then 2 full cups it will take the Jello less time to jell. After three hours in the refer drag out the sour cream and your hand mixer. Beat whatever amount of Sour Cream you feel comfortable with into the Jello. Beat for maybe 5 seconds, that's all you need - Do NOT overbeat......

I make three different favors at a time and each one in a different dish to jell. Then, I alternate the different colors into the parfait glasses so it's colorful.

Put the Jello into something pretty, like a parfait glass, or even a mold and back into the refer for another few hours to reset.. Not only is it pretty, it tastes GREAT and it's Free.