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Vickiís Fancy Jello

Take 1 box of sugar free Jell-O any flavour. Make as directed. When Jell-O is getting thick- but not solid yet- beat the dickens out of it with a mixer - you want it frothy and creamy looking. Then add 8oz of softened cream cheese. Beat some more (a lot if you want it totally mixed in, a little if you like little hunks of cheese in it still). Add 2 packets equal, mix well and set aside. Next, take a little carton 8oz of whipping cream and whip it into cream adding 2 packets of equal.

With a spatula or large spoon carefully FOLD it into the Jell-O mixture (if you beat this in you will knock all the air out of the cream and destroy it). It will look marbled with the Jell-O and the white cream - swirly sort of. Put in the refrigerator for an hour to re-gel. Then enjoy, it is wonderful!