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The Sacred Ice Cream Secret from Bedwarmer

This is for a three quart freezer: Basically, beat three jumbo eggs well.  In a separate bowl apply The Sacred Ice Cream Secret.  That is, whip 1 quart heavy cream until it's thickened to about the consistency of thin cake batter.  It should almost double in volume.  Stir in the eggs and sweeten and flavour to taste.  Make sure you make it very sweet as it will taste much less sweet when frozen.  Use only a pinch of salt.  The whipping is the trick.  It's what makes ice cream smooth and creamy.  It also stretches the cream and allows you to use less sweeteners and flavours.  Don't forget to whip it!  Also, don't fill the freezer drum more than 2/3 full or it will leak out when the cream freezes and expands.  Refrigerate any leftover mix for later and reduce the next recipe depending on the size of your freezer.

I usually make French Vanilla by adding three extra egg yolks.  For other flavours omit the extra yolks.  Sweeten to taste two cups of strawberries the day before and let them sit in the fridge over night.  Crush two cups blue or other berries, simmer until tender, sweeten to taste and chill overnight. (MMMM.... raspberry ice cream!)  Do the same with diced peaches.  Ice cream is a great way to fill that fruit craving without eating just fruit.  Two cups of peaches in half a gallon+ of ice cream is still a bargain per serving.