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Ways to Cook Fish from Cyndi Norman

Last night I made halibut, which is similar to cod. It was rather boring when I made it a week ago in the same way I make fatty fish, so I changed my method.

Choose a baking pan slightly bigger than the fish. Put in olive oil (enough to lightly coat the bottom of the pan by turning it side to side) then add about the same amount of balsamic vinegar (this is carby but the amount that stays on the fish is minimal...try red wine vinegar if you don't have balsamic). Add sage and black pepper (or herbs of your choice). Mix around.

Take the defrosted fish fillets and coat them on all sides in the sauce. Put them in the pan in the middle of the sauce (careful not to overlap any pieces). I added some sun-dried tomatoes in oil to the top of the fish because I was in the mood for the flavor. If you're not on induction and your carb counts can handle it, they don't add all that much (keep it to about 4 silvers of tomato per serving).

Cover the pan with tin foil. Bake at 350 until the fish is almost done. Remove the foil and continue baking until done. The foil keeps the fish very moist which white fish needs to be to taste good. This was so good we each ate a pound of fish!

  1. This works well on catfish. Put pecans in the food processor and make pecan meal. It doesn't have to be powder but it should be very fine. Wet the defrosted fish if needed and coat with the pecan meal. Fry fish on both sides in a pan with olive oil until done.

  2. Did this the other night because our houseguest can't eat nuts (or salmon or most dark fleshed fishes). Dip the defrosted fish in beaten egg then coat lightly with soy protein powder (the plain stuff!!!). Fry on both sides until golden brown on the outside and done on the inside. Catfish has a flavour to it...for milder fish like cod you may want to add some seasoning to the soy protein powder before dipping the fish in it.