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Easy Salmon and Broccoli Stirfry from Cyndi Norman

Don't worry about any of the amounts...they are quite flexible.

2 lbs. salmon, cubed into bite-sized pieces (1"x1"x1" more or less)

(Note on salmon...I buy it fresh from Costco, cube it, marinate it in fridge in olive oil and lemon juice and some seasoning, then freeze on cookie sheets being careful that the cubes don't touch each other.  When frozen, transfer to ziploc bags and freeze the next batch.  Now you have salmon to pour out directly into the frying pan without defrosting.)
The timing of this recipe is formulated for frozen salmon.

1 large bunch (3-4 heads) fresh broccoli
Olive oil for cooking
1/2 cup sherry
Black and red pepper
Butter or other dairy (optional)

Cut off broccoli stalks from flowers.  Chop stalks into small pieces (perhaps 1/2 to 2/3" cubed), put aside.  Chop flowers into large bite-sized pieces. Heat a couple tablespoons of olive or other cooking oil in a pan with sides (wok shaped is perfect but a medium soup pot is fine).

Add broccoli stalks to oil and cook on high until they are cooked through but still quite crunchy.  Season as you wish.  The idea is to make them more highly seasoned than you would if you were eating them alone.  This "layers" the dish.  Seasoning should not be so strong you couldn't eat just a piece of stalk.  I used black pepper, red pepper, and a bit of extra salt.

Add the fish and stir.  When fish has a good coating of hot oil, add the sherry and salt to taste.  If you would rather not cook with alcohol, you can leave it out.  Stir, reduce heat to medium, and cover. Stir every 1-2 minutes.

When the fish is about 5 minutes away from being done (cooked through, flesh flakes), add the broccoli flowers on top.  Do not stir. Optional: add 1/3 stick unsalted butter to top.  Cover pot and let it continue cooking until broccoli flowers are bright green, cooked through, but have some crunch left.

Serve immediately (broccoli will continue to cook and get soggy).  Top each plate with a bit of sour cream, cream, or yoghurt if you wish, or add butter as described above.  The dish will be fine dairy-free too.

Makes an entire large meal for 2 hungry people, or feeds 4 with medium portions if the meal includes other food.

I haven't worked out the carb count but it's low.  If you don't use any dairy except for butter, and maybe a touch of heavy cream, and go easy on the sherry, it's very suitable for strict induction.