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Ham Rolls from Jeff


A few slices of Black Forest ham or whatever ham you like.
Cream cheese whipped until light with grated cheddar added (you do not have to whip if you do not want to).
A few boiled eggs, quartered.


Lay the ham flat.  Put a couple of egg quarters on one end of the ham slice and dab some cream cheese on top.  Roll like you would an egg roll, tucking the sides into the center and rolling until you get a fat cigar shape.  Put roll between fingers and slowly put into mouth. Yummm.


When you think about it, there are endless variations to this roll and you can stuff it with whatever you want, just watch the carb.  They have also come out with pre-flavored cream cheeses (garlic flavor, sun-dried tomato flavor), but please read the carb contents.  You can also use sliced turkey ham if you think pigs are too cute and intelligent to eat.  Enjoy!