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Quiltmom’s Chili

2 lb. steak cut in cubes the size of dice. (Round steak is good but really any beef will do... not the expensive sirloin type cuts)
2 tbsp. of Olive or Peanut oil to brown the meat.
1 medium sweet Spanish onion (or Vidalia onion) for each pound of beef, sliced in thin rings. (I like to use 2 onions per pound but that runs the natural sugars up a bit higher).
19 oz tin of dietetic tomato sauce (or paste if you like it really tomato-y)
2 tsp. Splenda (make sure you use a sweetener that will keep it's sweet under heating)
1 jar broken salad olives (green) (if you are concerned about salt, pour off the juice...otherwise throw it in too!)
1 jar (tin, whatever) sliced black olives. (ditto about salt).
Chili, black pepper, white pepper and cayenne to taste (I use the commercial "2 Alarm Chili Mix" because it has a small packet of Masa flour (yellow corn flour) which adds a definite taste. Even though corn flour is high carb there is only about half a teaspoon in the packet and that's all you need).
A dash of liquid smoke if you like
Mushrooms if you like
Shredded cheese (whatever kind you like...Monterey jack or sharp cheddar or whatever)

To prepare...

Brown the meat chunks, then add the remaining ingredients, except the cheese. If you are using a heat resistant AS add it early if not add it last thing before serving. Simmer until the onions are almost dissolved (mushed, as my kids say) It's done when the onions disintegrate. Serve with the cheese on top.

It's really an easy recipe. Exact carb content depends on the amount of onions you like but given that one large onion has about 13 g, even if you used two for each pound of meat that would give about 8 large servings of less than 5 to 7 grams total carbs.