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Danielle's Boneless Pork Chops with a *BAM*

Boneless pork chops of any quantity
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Ground Rosemary
Red Wine Vinegar

Spray a pan with Pam. Sear the pork chops before seasoning. Add as much of each spice as you would desire. Add some more spices as they cook and you turn them over and over again in the pan. You'll notice that some of the spices will begin to stick to the pan. That's okay. Toward the end cover the pan to finish cooking. Take the pork out put in a covered dish.

Turn up the heat to Medium High under the pan. You'll see it start to brown add about 14 - 12 cup of water. Start to scrape up the flavoring that is stuck to the pan. Continue to let it simmer as you make sure you scrape everything off the pan so that it mixes with the water. Let this cook down so that it is nice and dark brown. next give a splash of the red wine vinegar.

Cook that down a bit before pouring over the pork. Make sure you use a spatula so that none of the delicious seasoning stays behind in the pan. As far as I can tell this has virtually no carbs. Since I just add a little spice and not in measurable teaspoons it really shouldn't count as more than 1 gram for the entire dish.