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Danielle's Spicy South Philly Pork Roast

1 Pork roast of any size you desire - no bone
Black Pepper
Grated cheese
Hot Peppers
Bay leaf
Garlic Cloves

Slice the roast 3/4's of the way around and open. There you add all of your seasoning. Be generous. Include bay leaves, garlic, grated cheese, black pepper and a dash of salt. and two hot peppers (fresh, not the ones in the jar). Poke holes in the pepper. Flip the pork back to closed so that the spices are now in the middle. Tie the pork up with some white string. Tie it lengthwise, and then a few times across the middle each time making a knot. On the outside of the roast make little cuts and put in fresh chunks of garlic. Put a hot pepper with holes on the top with some bay leaves.

In the bottom of the pan put a cup of water and 2 more hot peppers with holes. Cover and place in a preheated oven that is 400 degrees.  Turn down to 325 as soon as you put the pan in. Cook according to poundage (Found in any cookbook).  One hour before it is finished take pan out of oven. Remove roast to a dish. The peppers in the bottom of pan will be charred. Toss them out. The bottom of the pan will have dried up and will hardly be wet. Put in some water, about 1/2 to 1 cup. Add a dash of salt. Cook on the burner till it comes to a boil and scrape up all the drippings in the water. Let it cook for a while as you go and open your roast up. Toss the bay leaves, remove the hot pepper. Pork should be so moist that it actually shreds. Just use a fork to shred the pork unto pieces. Place in the pan. Take the pepper that was in the roast, chop up and put in the pan too, Cover and cook in the oven for about an hour more.

This will give you some spicy tasty pork roast! I usually top this with some freshly grated sharp-provolone or locatelli cheese.

'Tis Good!