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Chicken Fried Steak from Xando

Dip Cube Steaks in beaten eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Mix together:

Soya powder - any type - or Atkins Baking Mix
Seasonings to taste Salt & Pepper, LOTS of garlic powder, celery salt...whatever you like.

Roll the dipped cube steaks in the "flour" mixture.  Pat the dry mix into the meat.

Fry in favourite oil until crispy and brown.  Remove steaks from pan. Pour excess oil out of pan.  Deglaze pan with a little bit of water.  Scrape loose all of the good brown bits.  Pour in some cream and more water if necessary to make a fairly thin gravy.  Season to taste.

Return steaks to the pan full of gravy, and cook for a couple of minutes.

Delicious!  I used plenty of garlic, some oregano, chili powder, etc..., and couldn't even tell that the breading was soy.