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Dawn’s Reuben Pizza

This is great!  DH and I made this for company.  We didn't tell them it was low carb but they LOVED it!

1 batch Atkins Bake Mix for bread   16.8 gms
2 cans Sauerkraut (drained)  28 gms
2 tbsp. Catalina Salad dressing   8 gms
1 can Corned Beef (crumbled)   0 gms
1/2 lb. sliced Corned Beef  0 gms
1 lb. Swiss Cheese (thin slices)   8 gms

Using Atkins Bake Mix for the crust.  Mix up one batch as for bread. I add extra Seltzer water to make it a runnier dough.  Then I spread it out on a huge cookie sheet and bake it till it's golden brown.

Spread out the sauerkraut over the crust.  Place sliced corned beef over the sauerkraut and sprinkle the Catalina randomly over that. Layer on the Swiss cheese...and then sprinkle the crumbled canned Corned beef on top.  Bake at 375 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes or until the cheese is all melted.

It works if you cut into 10 slices = 6.08 gms per slice 8 slices = 7.6 gms per slice. Everyone could only handle one's so filling and DELICIOUS! … and it's great with a tossed salad!