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GreyEagle’s Flavoured Vinegars

Every couple of months or so I line up some glass jars, about a cup in size, put 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar in each then start creating. Celestial Seasons, and others, makes some wonderful herb teas. Put a tea bag in each for 10-20 min and you have just made your own flavoured vinegar. No heating necessary. Yesterday I made some Harvest Chamomile, Orange Mango Zinger and Raspberry Zinger from teas. And I also crushed some Juniper Berries for another. Imagination is important here -- throw in some pepper corns or other herbs or spices too. Most herb teas are 0 carbs, the Celestial Seasons ones that have a fruit name are "less than 1 carb" per cup of tea but you will only need a teaspoon or less for a salad!

I use just a bit in some mayonnaise  for a dip sometimes. Use in marinades. And today in an effort to find something new to flavour my water I put just a 1/2 teaspoon of my Harvest Chamomile Vinegar in a 32 oz mug of ice and water -- amazing! it is refreshing and delicious! Sort of like putting lemon in ice water, I guess, but different flavours.

Of course, in a fancy bottle and with a sprig of herb they make wonderful gifts too.