Pelican Trees and Sundial - Sanibel Island

by Peter Wallack

GETTING THERE: Sanibel Island is located off the Gulf shore across from Fort Myers, Florida. After you cross the causeway bridge into Sanibel you come to a stop sign within 400 yards. You make a  right onto Periwinkle Way, the main street of the Island. Go 1 mile and start to think left turning lane for CASA YBEL. The warning you are approaching that left onto CASA YBEL is 200 yards before it on the right you have passed Dixie Beach Road. Go 1/2 mile on CASA YBEL Road until you see the big sign for Middle Gulf Drive pointing left. Left unto MIDDLE GULF DRIVE and proceed 1/2 mile till the central parking public access lot for SUNDIAL RESORT. Just drive in and park in this lot for 200 plus cars. There are two restaurants and other activities which get people from all over so it is allowed parking.

WALKING FROM SUNDIAL LOT TO PELICAN TREES IS 300 YARDS diagonally to right as you work your way to back and GULF COAST BEACH. Pass the swimming pool and go down the stairs to the beach, turn right and walk up a 100 yards. There are 4 Pine Trees that are filled with Brown Pelicans from 8 to 10 Am every morning. After fishing off shore they come here to dry out, pose, rest, clown around, and wait for you to set up your tripod swivled up from 30 to 55 degrees.

                    Osprey sometimes overhead or on trees
                    Snowy Egrets very often
                    White Ibis sometimes to often
                    Laughing Gulls almost always
                    Ringed Gulls sometimes to often
                    Least Terns often
                    Royal Terns sometimes
                    Sandwich Terns sometimes
                    Willets almost always
                    Short-billed Dowitches very often
                    Sanderlings often
                    Snowy Plover sometimes
                    Wilson's Plover sometimes
                    Black-belied Plover often
                    Golden Plover sometimes but ID unsure
                    Least Sandpiper often
                    Western Sandpiper sometimes
                    Kildeer sometimes
                    Ruddy Turnstones often
                    Cormorants often but flying by

NEARBY: DING DARLING NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE famous for its Egrets, Herons, Hawks, Ibis, Roseate Spoonbills, Brown and White Pelicans is only 4 mile away. Go back to Periwinkle Way. Left onto Periwinkle Way until end of road in 2 miles. Right onto Tarpon Bay Road until it end in 300 yards. Left on Sanibel-Captiva Road for 2 to 3 miles and see entrance on right afte huge sign.

Also Nearby: BOWMANS BEACH is only 4 more miles past Ding Darling off Sanibel-Cativa Road. You make a left at the sign. GOOD FOR SUNRISE UNTIL BEACH GOERS SWARM BY 9-10 AM.

BLIND PASS BEACH is only 1 or 2 miles further west passed the Bowmans Beach turn off on Sanibel-Captiva Road. There is parking before and after the bridge which connect the Island of Sanibel to the Island of Captiva.

Peter Wallack