Birding Factoids

346 species
in 44 families

One of the 9 European
endemics are 
represented here. 
29 speciality birds
No national endemics
5 endangered species

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Armenia Specialities
Armenian Gull - Photo copyright Kibbutz Lotan Birdwatching Center
Photo copyright Kibbutz Lotan Birdwatching Center
    ....Trip Report: Armenia by Marc Tailly - July10, 1998.
      Together with my wife I spent a week in this former Sovjet-state (a map of Europe and Middle East for those who don't know where it lies) on the invitation of a friend of hers. "Having a car, why would you walk ?" seems to be a common idea there and walking with binoculars on the lookout for birds is even less of a thought in this country. Because of high speed driving and the fact that an Armenian driver doesnít understand nor react to the word "stop" - it needed to be translated by the available interpreter and the Armenian equivalent is an extremely long word which I didnít manage to remember - roadside observations generally proved to be difficult.

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Tours and Guides

>>>>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Armenian Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!

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Rare Bird Alert

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European Endemics and Specialities

in Armenia

Information on endemics and specialities is derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists and bird distribution lists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.05, supplemented by material found in Where to Watch Birds in Europe and Russia - by Nigel Wheatley. Speciality birds, while not endemic, are those that can only be found in three or less countries of Europe. Species printed in bold italic have only been sighted in Armenia. Information on endangered birds is derived from the IUCN Red List, Birdlife International, and supporting data bases developed by Ian Patton, of Merlin Species Watcher.  The endemic, endangered and speciality birds may be uncommon, extremely rare vagrants, may be extirpated in the country now or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species noted below have been made in Armenia. 

European Endemics in Armenia - No national Endemics

___ Caspian Snowcock
Endangered Birds in Armenia

Breeding Birds

Non-Breeding Birds

___ Dalmation Pelican
___ Ferruginous Pochard
___ Lesser Kestrel
___ Marbled Teal
___ Corn Crake

Other Speciality Birds in Armenia

___ Alpine Accentor
___ Armenian Gull
___ Bimaculated Lark
___ Blue-cheecked Bee-eater
___ Caucasian Grouse
___ Chiffchaff
___ Cineraceous Vulture
___ Crimson-winged Finch
___ Finsch's Wheatear
___ Fire-fronted Serin
___ Great Black-headed Gull
___ Greenish Warbler
___ Grey-necked Bunting
___ Imperial Eagle
___ Lammergeier
___ Levant Sparrowhawk
___ Marbled Teal
___ Menetries Warbler
___ Paddyfield Warbler
___ Persian Nuthatch
___ Pygmy Cormorant
___ Raddes Accentor
___ Red-tailed Wheatear
___ Rock Nuthatch
___ Upcher's Warbler
___ Wallcreeper
___ White-headed Duck
___ White-throated Robin
___ White-winged Snowfinch

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