Birding Factoids

335 species

No endemics
8 endangered species
7 speciality species
2 week trip expectation -
about 200 species



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See more of Christian Artuso's images of South-East Asian Birds,
Doug Jansen's Photos at the Jurong Birdpark and Zoological Gardens, Singapore
Peter Bono's Singapore Bird Photos,
and the bird gallery at
Singapore Specialities
Black-naped Oriole (immature) - Photo copyright Christian Artuso
Photo copyright Christian Artuso

Oriental Honey-Buzzard - Photo copyright Laurence Poh

Photo copyright Laurence Poh

Common Iora - Photo copyright Christian Artuso

Photo copyright Christian Artuso
Javan Munia - Photo copyright Dave Behrens
Javan Munia
Photo copyright Dave Behrens
Chestnut-breasted Malkoha - Photo copyright Christian Artuso
Photo copyright Christian Artuso

Mangrove Pitta - Photo copyright Christian Artuso
Photo copyright Christian Artuso

    ....Birdwatching in Singapore - Open your eyes and
      be still, Singapore's forests will slowly come alive with bird life. Keen-eyed bird enthusiasts will know that these feathered friends can be spotted all over Singapore. 
    ....Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - The primary forest of the Bukit Timah
      Nature Reserve is one of the last habitat for our forest birds. This is the place to look for some of the rare species such as the Asian Fairy Bluebird, Blue-winged Leaf Bird, Chestnut-bellied Malkoha and the Red-crowned Barbet. More information on the Nature Reserve.
    ....Sungei Buloh Nature Park - home to the unique plants and animals 
      of the wetlands. Set in 87 hectares of wetland habitats, the Park is home to some 187 species of birds and a multitude of wetland flora and fauna.
    ....Sungei Buloh Nature Park, Singapore - by Dave Behrens. Sungei 
      Buloh Nature Park is a mangroves and wetland wildlife refuge located at the northern end of Singapore. It is a wonderful hideaway considering that Singapore is only a 14 x 25 mile island of 4 million people. This is a collection of photos that typifies what can be seen at Sungei Buloh. One of the highlights of this park is its heronry where Purple and Grey Herons nest.
    ....Pulau Ubin - an island off the northeastern coast
      of Singapore with a land area of 1019 hectares. The rustic park provides an ideal getaway for activities like bird-watching, wild-life photography and trekking.
    ....Jurong Bird Park - Located on 20 hectares of lush ....
    ....Birding trip reports: Malaysia and Singapore
      September 14 to 26, 1997 - by David B. Collinge. We spent 6 nights in Singapore where the only birding trip was to Bukit Timah.
    ....Notes of a short trip to Singapore and Tioman Island, December
      25-31, 1996 - by Fer-Jan de Vries.
    ....Trip Report: Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, May 10-23, 1996 by
      Keith and Lindsay Fisher. Birdwatching in Malaysia proved to be a great experience when we visited there in May 1996. In two weeks we travelled between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taman Negara, Frasers Hill and Kuala Selangor -- which gave us a good variety of habitats. The Malay Peninsular, including Singapore, has a total of 639 species of birds of which 426 are classified as residents and just two as endemics. We saw a total of 170 species of which 135 were new birds for us. 
    ....Trip Report: Singapore, December 1996 by Francis Toldi. 
      On a recent business trip to various Asian countries I was fortunate enough to have some time for birding in Singapore. I spent a few hours one morning in strictly urban areas, then had a full day (dawn to dusk) birding with the assistance of a local guide.
    ....Trip Report: Singapore, August, 1998 - by Steve Clark. On my way
      home from a 5-week work trip to China, I had a three-day birding stopover in Singapore. I spent a day each at: the Sungei Buloh and Bukit Timah Nature Parks (and another day recovering from China).
    ....Trip Report: Singapore, October 15-16, 1998 by Tim Earl. I had a
      two-day stop-over in Singapore on a birding trip to Australia. Because of the lack of time and my inexperience in Asia I employed a local guide for one half-day and a full day's birding. Raj proved to be an excellent birding companion with humour and considerable knowledge to add to his extraordinary field skills. In the time available I could not have found half the sites or species without him. 
    ....Trip Report: Singapore, April 2000 - by Ron Hoff. My wife and I were
      able to do some birding in Singapore, and wanted other birders to be informed of some places to bird and birds to be found at this time of year. We were jet lagged the first day, so we just went to the Jurong Birdpark on the west side of the island. We would recommend this place for everybody! 
    ....Trip Report: Panti Forest, Johor, June 2000 - by Peter Ericsson. The
      Panti Forest is in Malaysia, but only a dozen or so miles past the little town of Kota Tinggi. It is an easy drive from Singapore, varying from one to two hours depending on the traffic crossing the causeway. Since being discovered and pioneered some years back, some hard-core birders from Singapore have faithfully returned to this lowland rainforest again and again, finding an endless number of bird species. 
    ....Singapore Trip Reports - you can find Singapore trip reports on John
      Girdley's BirdTours website by following the Asia/Singapore link from the main page.

    Factoids taken from Where to watch birds in Asia  - by Nigel Wheatley

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Tours and Guides

...>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Singapore Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!
Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot - Photo copyright Laurence Poh
Photo copyright Dan Cowell
        You could also take a chance and contact the Singapore Nature
      Society at 7412036 for information and to get in touch with the birding group. Their e-mail is
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Endemics and Specialities

in Singapore

Information on endemics and specialities is derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists and bird distribution lists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.05, supplemented by material found in Where to watch birds in Asia  - by Nigel Wheatley. Asian speciality birds, while not endemic, are those that can only be found in three or less countries of Asia. Information on endangered birds is derived from the IUCN Red List, Birdlife International, and supporting data bases developed by Ian Patton, of Merlin Species Watcher.  The endemic, endangered and speciality birds may be uncommon, extremely rare vagrants, may be extirpated in the country now or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species noted below have been made in Singapore. 

Endemics in Singapore
Endangered Birds in Singapore
(endemics are printed in bold italic)

Breeding Birds

Non-Breeding Birds

___ Straw-headed Bulbul ___ Brown-chested 
___ Jungle-Flycatcher
___ Chinese Egret
___ Christmas Island Frigatebird
___ Greater Spotted Eagle
___ Noordmann's Greenshank
___ Spoonbill Sandpiper
___ Wood Snipe

Other Speciality and Spectacular Birds in Singapore
(adapted from Where to watch birds in Asia  - by Nigel Wheatley.)

___ Blue-winged Pitta
___ Daurian Starling
___ Hooded Pitta
___ Jambu Fruit-Dove
___ Long-tailed Parakeet
___ Red-crowned Barbet
___ Sunda Woodpecker

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