Birding Factoids

356 species
in 40 families

38 of the 246 species 
endemic to 
North America are 
represented here. 
No endemic species. 

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For interesting information about Saskatchewan birds and birding,
Saskatchewan Specialities
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Sharp-Tailed Grouse - Saskatchewan Provincial Bird
Photo copyright Robert McDonald

Ruddy Duck - Photo copyright Peter Weber

Photo copyright Peter Weber

American White Pelicans - Photo by J. R. Lyles

Photo by J.R. Lyles

Sprague's Pipit - Photo by Paul Conover

Courtesy of SouthWest Louisiana Birding Page

American Wigeon - highest breeding density - Photo copyright Don Desjardin

Photo copyright Don Desjardin

House Wren - Photo copyright Jear Coronel

Photo copyright Jean Coronel

Horned Lark - Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Lesser Scaup - Photo copyright US Fish and Wildlife

Photo copyright US Fish and Wildlife

American Bittern - Photo copyright David Geale
Photo copyright David Geale

    Key to Icons..Pelican Lake - Large numbers of shorebirds and waterfowl utilize 
      Pelican Lake during both the spring and fall migration. Marbled Godwits, Wilson's Phalaropes and American Avocets are often present during the spring and fall migration.
    ....Potential Saskatchewan IBAs - This is a working list and map of
      potential Important Bird Areas in Saskatchewan. The process of identifying IBAs in this region is by no means complete. Additional sites that qualify as IBAs will likely be identified and likewise, some of the sites mapped may not qualify as IBAs once a thorough evaluation is completed. Once a site has been formally identified as an IBA the site name is linked to a one-page site summary. See also this site.
    ....Crane Spotting in Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan is a major staging
      area for the 4,000-kms (2,500-mile) migration, one of the best places in the world to observe the elegant Whooping Cranes. The environment is stable, the birds are widely dispersed throughout it, and it's accessible while thinly populated. Whooping cranes can linger more than a month here while foraging for the grain that fuels their long trip.
    ....The Saskatchewan Birding Page - this is a compilation of rare bird
      alerts and trip reports. Visiting Birders may particularly want to check the Saskatchewan Trip Report - Sept. 18-23, 1997 for an itinerary and sites to see birds around Regina.
    ....Saskatchewan Birding Hotspots - from Harvey and Brenda Schmidt.
      Also check out their birding trip reports covering various areas in Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.
    ....Last Mountain Bird Observatory (near Govan, Saskatchewan,
      30 miles northwest of Regina) - Bird Banding, Birdwatching
    ....Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan, Canada Regional Migratory Bird ...
    ....Quill Lakes Saskatchewan (50 miles north of Regina) - International ...
    ....Birdwatching at the Quill Lakes - This site will show you the Quill ...
    ....Quill Lakes International Bird Area, Saskatchewan, Canada. This new
      website highlights the Quill Lakes International Bird Area in Saskatchewan, Canada. This birding hotspot hosts millions of birds annually with one day counts exceeding 250,000. Large concentrations of ducks, geese, cranes, and shorebirds. The site has numerous international designations including an Important Birding Area. The area includes Canada's largest saline lake and Canada's largest breeding population of endangered piping plovers. Facilities include the Quill Lakes Interpretive Centre, the Wadena Wetlands Viewing Area, and the Foam Lake Heritage Marsh Viewing Area. 
    ....Chaplin/Old Wives/ Reed Lakes Complex, Hemispheric Reserve. 
      Part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. The Chaplin/Old Wives/Reed Lakes area is one of the most important inland sites for migratory birds in North America. This area spans over 42,000 hectares (100,000 acres) and is the second largest saline inland water body in Canada. More than 30 species of shorebirds, some endangered, stop or nest here every summer. Over half of the world’s population of Sanderlings rest and eat here before completing their journey to nest in the Canadian Arctic. The numbers of Stilt Sandpipers and Piping Plovers are also significant.
    ....Turtle Lake - A Site Guide - by Muriel Carlson. Turtle Lake doesn't
      really have any turtles, but it does have habitat diversity that produces some great birding. In fact, it has become one of Saskatchewan birders' destinations for parkland and boreal species. 
    ....Manitou Sand Hills  - located on the Canadian Prairies, in west-central
      Saskatchewan. A large saline lake, Lake Manitou, and an area of about 100,000 acres (40,500 hectares) to the south of the lake has been designated a special “protected area” by the Saskatchewan Government. This area of wild prairie parkland provides important habitat for the migration of birds in the Spring and Fall, as well as a reserve for native plants and wildflowers. Manitou Lake has recently been nominated to the Western Hemispheric Shorebird Network for special designation as an important stopover for migratory shorebirds, and home to endangered species like the Piping Plover.
    ....Raven Island National Wildlife Area - 35 km. northeast of Humbolt
      Saskatchewan. Includes a map of the area. Lenore Lake is an important breeding, moulting and staging area for waterfowl and a breeding, feeding or nesting place for songbirds, grebes, terns, gulls, cormorants, pelicans and great blue herons. Ducks, Canada geese and passerines nest on Raven Island, while many species use it during migration.
    ....Redberry Lake Nature Guide - Redberry Lake lies in the Parkland
      Ecoregion of Saskatchewan, Canada.  It has been a national bird sanctuary since 1915. Saskatchewan has included the lake in its "Representative Areas Network" of ecologically important sites. In 2000,  the entire Redberry Lake watershed was named a  UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. 
    ....The Redberry Pelican Project Home Page - Coordinating research,
      education and tourism initiatives to protect vulnerable species. The waters and islands of Redberry Lake were reserved as a federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary in 1915, and the islands have been protected as a Wildlife Refuge.
    ...Saskatchewan Trip Reports - a number of Saskatchewan trip 
      reports are available from Blake Maybank's "Birding the Americas - Trip Report and Trip Planning Repository". 

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Tours and Guides

>>>>>> A Birding Pal is not a paid guide, but someone who likes to help out of town visitors. You can become a Birding Pal today! Help someone to enjoy your local birding spots and find a pal to help you when you travel. Click here for Saskatchewan Birding Pals, or join to be a Birding Pal!
Horned Grebe - Photo copyright Peter LaTourrette
Photo copyright Peter LaTourrette

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Local Events

Northern Pintail - Photo copyright Don DesJardin
Photo copyright Don DesJardin

Northern Hawk-Owl - Photo copyright Robert McDonald

Photo copyright Robert McDonald
    ....Nature/Birding Festival - May 6, 2000. Regina Natural History Society,
      P.O. Box 291, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 3A1 (306) 949-2505.
    ....Shorebirds and Friends Festival, Wadena, Saskatchewan -
      May 2005. For more information, call (888) 338-2145.
    ....Prairie to Pine - Winds of Change in the Land of the Living Skies - 
      The Canadian Nature Federation and Nature Saskatchewan ~ Joint Conference and Annual General Meeting ~ June 7-10, 2001. University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. Hosted by the Saskatoon Nature Society. If you have never seen the Prairies, here is your chance to learn its secrets. Grasslands, sand dunes, piping plovers, burrowing owls, alkali sloughs and pine-covered hills are just some of the things you will come to know better at the CNF 2001 Conference and Annual General Meeting. 

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Rare Bird Alert

Grey Partridge - Photo by Hannu Hautala
Photo by Hannu Hautala
        Regina Hotline: (306) 949-2505

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North American Specialities in


Information derived from Sibley & Monroe checklists in Thayer's Birder's Diary - Version 2.02.
These counts will differ in minor ways from counts based on the ABA classification,
but an international checklist system was required to enable world-wide
country to country comparisons.These speciality birds may be uncommon, or extremely rare
at this location, or may only be present in migration. However, documented sightings of each species
noted below have been made in Saskatchewan. Consult the Breeding Bird Survey or
Christmas Bird Count data on the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center website
to determine the "best" place to see each bird.

North American Endemic Specialities in Saskatchewan - No Canadian Endemics

___ Baird's Sparrow
___ Black-headed Grosbeak
___ B;ack-throated Sparrow
___ Brewer's Sparrow
___ Bullock's Oriole
___ California Gull
___ Calliope Hummingbird
___ Chestnut-collared Longspur
___ Clark's Grebe
___ Clark's Nutcracker
___ Common Poorwill
___ Ferruginous Hawk
___ Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch
___ Harris's Sparrow
___ House Finch
___ Le Conte's Sparrow
___ Lewis's Woodpecker
___ McCown's Longspur
___ Mew Gull
___ Mountain Bluebird
___ Mountain Chickadee
___ Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
___ Pileated Woodpecker
___ Prairie Falcon
___ Red-bellied Woodpecker
___ Red-naped Sapsucker
___ Ruffed Grouse
___ Sage Thrasher
___ Say's Phoebe
___ Sharp-tailed Grouse
___ Smith's Longspur
___ Spotted Towhee
___ Spruce Grouse
___ Townsend's Solitaire
___ Trumpeter Swan
___ Western Grebe
___ Whooping Crane
___ Williamson's Sapsucker

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