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December 24, 2000
December 14, 2000
December 11, 2000
    ......Don DesJardin has just returned from a trip to Chile, 
      and has forwarded five outstanding bird photos: the Chilean Flicker and the Long-tailed Meadowlark are on the Chile page, Rufous-collared Sparrow is on the Mexico page, Many-colored Rush Tyrant is on the Peru page, and Wren-like Rush-bird is on the Argentina page. 
December 9, 2000
    ......Just in case anyone thinks I'm not working much on this
      website... this is to let you know you are wrong! I have undertaken a major links checking exercise (thanks to Xenu Links Checker). In the process, I have discovered many new links (and lost some old ones). All US states and Canadian provinces are now absolutely correct. Please let me know if you find any broken links on these pages. And make sure you hit reload if you go to any of these pages. Now - I'm off to Europe for more links....
November 27, 2000
November 7, 2000
November 6, 2000
    ......I do not usually mention new links on this page, there are
      just too many..... But this one I have to mention! You must check out "How to tell the Flowers from the Birds" - a hilarious trip through a discussion of how to tell birds from plants (like differentiating the Crow from the Crocus, the Cowbird from the Cowslip, the Tern from the Turnip, or the the Ibis from the 'Ibiscus).....
November 3, 2000
    ......Dale Herter and Jim Thomason sent a great Mali trip report
      for inclusion on this site. Thanks so much.
September 26 - October 9, 2000
    ......Sometimes you need more than virtual birds.  So I'm off 
      to Nova Scotia (business calls). But when there's no meetings, then I'm...


September 14, 2000
September 11, 2000
    ......Added a new country page for the Ukraine.
September 10, 2000
August 9, 2000
August 6, 2000
July 11, 2000
July 8, 2000
    ......In response to a prompt from a visitor to this site, I have  ......Bill Jolly has provided new photos of some great Australian
      birds: Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Tawny Frogmouth, Red-capped Robin, and Restless Flycatcher.
July 6, 2000
    ......My DEEPEST apologies to all Internet Explorer users!
      While I was in England I had an opportunity to view this site using a different browser (I use and compose in Netscape) and was horrified at the formatting errors I found! I have spent the last few weeks checking every page and correcting formating and fonts so that Internet Explorer can understand the html code! Netscape is far more flexible than that pig of a program! Thank you Bill Gates! Please let me know if I've missed something and a page looks very weird. 

      While I was doing housekeeping, I got a great links checking program. Now I know... this site contains 6,972 links, of which a few hundred are broken! I'm working on it!!! Please let me know if you find any! 

June 16, 2000
    ......I got back last week to find about 200 e-mails awaiting
      me after my trip to England/Scotland. The first part of my trip report is ready for viewing. I will add new sections as I find the time. 
    ......Jean Coronel has sent some new Nicaraguan bird photos
      - the images have been placed in an area of high density: Anhinga to Louisiana, Nicaraguan Grackle to Nicaragua, Ringed Kingfisher to Texas, Broad-winged Hawk to Ontario, and Green-breasted Mango to Mexico.
    ......Henning Fedders & Frank Rheindt sent a great illustrated ......William Zittrick has allowed us to use a great photo of 
      a Costa's Hummingbird. It is located on the California page.
May 13, 2000
    ......Sometimes you need more than virtual birds.  So I'm off 
      "stamping" around Britain until June 6th (birding and stamp conferences - how's that for a weird combination?).  Stay tuned for British site guides to come!


May 6, 2000
    ......John Cantelo has sent the latest version of his site guide
      to the Calais area. You can find his "Cross-channel Birding" site on the France page.
    ......Eladio Fernandez has sent some more great bird 
      images from the Dominican Republic: Smooth-billed Ani, Broad-billed Tody, Royal term, Red-legged Thrush and Eastern Chat-tanager. 
May 3, 2000
May 2, 2000
May 1, 2000
    ......A great new Panama trip report from by Jim Danzenbaker
April 3, 2000
    ......Two very different new trip reports arrived today! First, 
      from Mike and Cindy Fahay, an account of their trip to Trinidad and Tobago. Next, from Greg Roberts, a detailed itinerary and bird list from a trip to Ecuador. Thanks so much to both of them...
March 27, 2000
    ......I finally got around to adding my Canadian bird stamp
      collection to this website. It's interesting to see how different countries handle birds on stamps. And some of the photos are awesome! 
March 25, 2000
March 21, 2000
    ......Jean Coronel of Nicaragua has forwarded a number of
      wonderful bird images for hosting on this site. Included are: Yellow-crowned Euphonia and Red-legged Honeycreeper to Nicaragua, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron and Rufous-tailed Hummingbird to Columbia, Northern Oriole to Nebraska, Common Tody-Flycatcher to Costa Rica, Great Kiskadee and Crested Caracara to Texas, Wood Stork and Tropical Kingbird to Mexico, Olive Tanager to Peru and Blue-grey Tanager to Bolivia.
    ......Lawrence Poh has forwarded a great shot of a
      Silver-breasted Broadbill - you can find it on the Malaysia page.
    ......Francis Toldi  and Peter Metropulos sent an awesome
      trip report from their recent trip to Venezuela. Many thanks, guys...
March 20, 2000
    ......Frode Falkenberg from Norway has provided permission
      for use of some thumbnails of European bird images from his gallery. They are located in areas of high density: European Storm-Petrel to Scotland; Savi's Warbler to Poland; Siberian Jay and Hawk Owl to Norway; Ortulan Bunting and Rustic Bunting to Sweden; and Sabine's Gull to Nunavut, Canada.
February 26, 2000
    ......Rudy Offereins of the Netherlands has volunteered some
      thumbnails of his great European bird photos: Redcap, Eurasian Siskin, Black-throated Thrush and Red-footed Falcon to the Netherlands, Nutcracker and Purple Sandpiper to Germany and Eurasian Jackdaw to Denmark.
February 20, 2000
    ......Heikki Karhu & Olli Karhu sent a great new trip report for ......David Lingard has added a number of new bird photos...
      to his wonderful bird gallery, and we can share! Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch and Spotted Flycatcher for the England page, Kruper's Nuthatch and Black-headed Bunting for the Greece page, Kentish Plover, photographed in Majorca, and a fantastic Griffon Vulture photo taken in France. Thank you, David!
    ......Gaby Schulemann has given kind permission for
      thumbnails of some of his bird images to be used on this website: Hedge Accentor to Spain (Mallorca), Common Myna and House Crow to Sri Lanka, and Blue-Grey Tanager, Caribbean Martin, Rufous-vented Chacalaca , and Red-Crowned Woodpecker to Trinidad/Tobago
February 10, 2000
    ......Completed corrections on all links leading to Urs Geiser's
      and John Girdley's trip report archives. Both gentlemen had recently changed ISP's. In the process, many, many new trip reports have been added to a lot of countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.
February 2, 2000
    ......Dave Riley sent a new trip report for Cyprus, and Jesper
      Hornskov forwarded a lot of new information about birding in China.
January 15, 2000

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